Sunday, April 27, 2008

Campaign Fatigue? Voters Say, "No"; For Corporate Media, You Bet!

In The Washington Post this morning, a link states, "Democrats Wrestle With Campaign Fatigue." It goes on to say that Dems are getting tired of the lengthy campaign between my gal Hillary and the honorable Mr. Obama. By the time that Johnathan Weisman gets to the real meat of the article, that of staffers being exhausted, many folks have probably stopped their daily skim of the headlines and assumed he's discussing Democrats like me. We assume that ordinary voters are bored with the race. We are told what to think. Once again, corporate media has done their best to decide the outcome of this Primary, long before we've all had our say. While I'm pretty fed up with the media's obvious bias toward Obama, I am actually enjoying that the primary process is working like it should!

When you think about our primary process, the purpose is, in theory, to allow us regular folks to give our say as to whom our presidential nominee should be. That's the basis of living in a republic like ours: we choose someone to make decisions for us. That's how delegates are chosen, or divvied up, as it were. Now, if the race for a nominee ends in Ohio, or let's say, as early as Super Tuesday, where does that leave the will of the people in the other 26 states/territories? (Let's not even get into Michigan and Florida...) Sure, they can vote, but they're left in a similar boat that some of John Edwards' supporters were left in California. If they had opted to vote early by mail, they literally wasted their vote. The process is supposed to give all of us a say. That's democracy in action.

Personally, I am loving this primary season! I love that it's a fight to the finish. I love that Hillary hasn't thrown in the towel, as the pundits would have her do. I love that she's been called down and out and has come back every single time. This is probably the most exciting primary we'll see in our lifetime. It's great to see two people who are devoted to public service fight long and hard for the privilege of being our nominee. It's refreshing to have a choice...I mean, we're Democrats, after all! We never get to see a primary go back and forth like this! (This must be how it feels to be a Republican! Well, minus the wealth, self-rightiousness and religious extremism, that is...) It's an actual race to the finish.

Are the candidates exhausted? They must be. Are the staffers worn out? Sure. They continue to fight for their candidate, sacrificing family time, sleep and normalcy. (It's the kind of experience I would have killed to be a part of in my pre-kid life.) But voters shouldn't be fatigued yet. For once, corporate media hasn't been able to pick the candidate the Republicans would rather race in the fall. For once, someone is saying, "I'm going to see this through," and isn't allowing Fox or any other GOP controlled media source to decide the election in the press. For once, the pundits are forced to take a back seat to the candidates. And maybe not all, but most of us, might get to vote and have it actually mean something in the primaries. (If we're not voting on a Diebold machine, of course.) Now, if this is campaign fatigue, I'll settle for it any day.

If you've already voted in your primary, thank you. And in Michigan and Florida, thank you, especially, because you were rooked on that deal. If your primary is yet to happen, get out there and vote. And take some friends with you, even if they support Barak. It's one of the few civil liberties Bush and his cronies has yet to suspend. Enjoy it while it lasts.