Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Teachers and Nurses ROCK!

There are a total of five nurses and teachers in our family. And there are no harder working people in the world. I have nothing but respect and admiration for all those in the medical and education professions.

So, in honor of Teacher's and Nurse's Day, send your kid's teacher a note of appreciation this week. (Guess what? You can write it on scratch paper, or even a returned homework paper - trust me, it'll mean as much as a crafty scrapbook-style card made by the class mom who needs to get a life...) And drop some donuts or in-season spring fruit (to be politically correct!) at your doctor's office and tell the nursing staff you are grateful for their service. Google your favorite teacher and send them an email, telling them how they played a part in the amazing success you are today. And next time the schools are blamed for something (they're always blamed for every ill of society!), email the prinicpal about that teacher who went the extra mile for your kiddo. Volunteer to staple or copy for them to make the load a little lighter. Even if you can't do any of these simple things, then next time you see these hard working, honorable professionals, just thank them. Say, "I appreciate your help." I guarantee it'll make their usually unappreciated day.

Why take the time to celebrate what is considered to be a "Hallmark holiday"? Because they deserve our gratitude. Because I can't imagine a world without teachers and nurses. And because these awesome people can't imagine doing anything but what they love to do. They are passionate about a career that many of us wouldn't choose in a million years. Thank goodness - Nurses and Teachers ROCK!