Saturday, May 10, 2008

Freedom Fridays

I found out about this through one of my new fave blogs, Politics for Moms, who heard about it through her friend's blog, The Gang's All Here! ("And I told two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on...") Anyhow, even though it's Saturday, I love the idea of Freedom Fridays, a day to post a freedom that we are so grateful to have.

This Friday/Saturday, I'm grateful for the freedom to gather with those we love, whenever and wherever. I am grateful for the freedom to gather with those of like mind, or even of un-like mind, to discuss and debate that which we're passionate about. Tomorrow, we'll gather with all my sisters and their families. We'll come together at our mom and dad's, and laugh, reminisce about our crazy, wonderful childhood, celebrate Mom and all of us moms, and argue over who is the better candidate, Hillary or Obama, while a couple of the brothers-in-law (the ones from the "Dark Side") shake their heads and wonder what attracted them to these staunch, outspoken Democrat wives.

I'm grateful for our right to assemble. What freedom are you most grateful for? And by the way, Happy Mother's Day, all you moms out there!

Take Your Kids to The Polls

I was just perusing a rockin' mom blog, Politics for Moms (see link to right), and read a post about someone's kiddo being ejected from the voting booth by a poll worker. Now, I am normally very grateful to the poll workers, these dedicated folks without whom the democratic process might very well screech to a halt. But this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

My grandmother took all of us to the polls when she went to vote. She explained the issues, and her stand on the candidates. We cut our teeth on politics at the kitchen table. And now, The Hubby and I always take Stella (Tweenie has decided she needs a name change in mommy's blog) and Little Man to the booth with us. Many times, if the polling place was not particularly busy, the poll workers have allowed the kids to "vote" using a demonstration ballot. They are always given an an "I have voted" sticker (though Tweenie, I mean Stella, has declined the sticker lately...stickers are so, you know, kiddish!) Our poll workers truly seem to understand how vital it is to engage the kids and make it a positive experience.

The person who pulled that little control trick and kicked the kid out of the polls must have a very small, sad, demeaning little life, if the only power they feel they can exert is to oust a child from witnessing their parents' participation in the democratic process. That lunatic should be banned from working the polls for life! (Maybe local governments are so desperate for these civic-minded volunteers that any warm body is acceptable???) In any case, if more people were motivated to bring their children to the polls, and yes, into the voting booth where they could see their parents cast their vote, we'd see the apathy in that 18-24 age group lessen dramatically.

Let our kids see how easy it is to vote. Let them see what votes we cast and tell 'em why. After all, they may be our only ride to the polls when we're old and gray!