Monday, May 12, 2008

Big Media Sucks! Why I'm Sick of The Media Choosing Our President

I am extremely annoyed right now due to the media marginalizing of Hillary, as they did with two other great candidates, Joe Biden and then John Edwards. At the risk of sounding like one of those conspiracy whack-jobs, I really believe we've arrived at the point in which corporate media is, one could argue, all but choosing the candidates in our stead. By simply cherry-picking the stories and amount of coverage they choose to devote to a candidate, media sources act as news filters, deciding who will get the day's coverage and live to fight another day. It hasn't helped, either, that our 24 hour news cycle has creatd the need to "feed the beast," thus encouraging reporters to jump on every little faux pas occurring on the campaign trail. In the end, there are two questions to ask: 1) Who will be more Big Corporation friendly, GOP or Dems? and 2) Which Democrat can the GOP beat more easily?

Now, I understand that Hillary doesn't "have the math." I understand that the delagate count is off. But I also understand a few other things. First, it's only right that every single person in our nation deserves the chance to vote for the candidate of their choice in the Primaries. Believe me, I'm from California...I'm used to my vote not counting! But it's a matter of priniciple. Everyone, including Floridians and Michigonians (hope that's right, Michigan folks!) deserve the right to vote for the candidate of their choice, win or lose. That's a no-brainer. Secondly, let's look at electability. Hillary has won all the important battleground states we Dems need to win in November. In addition, there are some truly disturbing poll numbers that came out of the last two primaries. Almost half of the Democrats who are supporting Hillary will either vote for McCain or not vote at all in November should Obama win the nomination. Around half - that's an extremely significant factor! (See exit polling from MSNBC)

That does not bode well for Democrats come November if Obama should get the nomination.

The Superdelegates have a difficult decision in store. And a few days after the last primary is held, they will have the chance to make that decision. Time will tell the story, if big media will allow it!

Why Hillary?

Tomorrow is the West Virginia Primary, and my gal, Hillary, is in the lead right now: Hillary with 66% of the vote and Obama with 22%. I just realized I may not have discussed, thus far, my reasons for supporting Hillary Clinton.
In a nutshell:
  • She has, yes, experience. She's been around Washington long enough to be able to successfully reach across the aisle and make chage happen. Even if we only consider her Senatorial experience, she has Sen. Obana beat by a mile.
  • She has been a strong proponent of health care issues, especially regarding children, throughout her career.
  • She and her husband, (President Bill, as he's known around these parts!), have a solid record of fighting for working class families.
  • She ahs been a great friend to teachers, students and education. My life in the classroom, and that of my students, will be better with her in office.
  • Hillary has the know-how to fight corporate greed, and the willingness to attack the big corporate interests (big oil, pharmaceuticals, etc.) that are raking in record-breaking profits (while I have to tell Little Man no art lessons this month and Stella that her old shoes 'till Momma's payday at the end of the month).
  • Hillary is "battle-tested." She has been through the Reublican grinder and survived, even thrived! There is nothing left in her past to "swiftboat" - she's the ultimate "vetted" candidate.

There are many more reasons, but you can check out the link to to see what her stand is on other issues.

As to Obama, I've been impressed with him since I saw him on CSPAN at the Democratic Convention. I stopped, looked at Little Man and Stella and said, "Guys, that man will be the first African American President of The United States. Mark Momma's words." He is truly one of the most gifted orators of our time. And in a time in which statesmanship has been extincit in the Oval for the past eight years, we are in desperate need of inspiration. I have great respect for the man and his ideals, and feel that he will be a great nominee...eight years from now, after a litle political seasoning and on-the-job training.

So, why not support Barak? A few reasons. While a great orator, he doesn't speak as well on his feet. I see this as a lack of both extemporaneous speaking (and life) experience, political and otherwise. I'm not crazy about his ties to nuclear power. And he has not been vetted as thoroughly as Hillary (who could be???), and I predict more Rev. Wright-style issues arising as the GOP begin to take aim. And, frankly, he comes off as a bit too cocky, a little, as Stella says, "too full of himself." He will be great one day. But I don't believe this is his time. And he has time.

I will support Barak Obama if he is the candidate, because I believe that only a Democrat can get us out of the mire that Bush and his cronies have made of our country.But I believe in Hillary Clinton and her ability to lead us to a better future.