Saturday, May 17, 2008

E.T. Phones Home...Again!

Little Man was so tired after two solid weeks of ridiculous State Testing that he couldn't stay awake to see E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial on Nick last night. His little eyelids were drooping, so we finally convinced him we'd rent the DVD in the morning and make it a "Family Movie Matinee." He conceded, and was out like a light in minutes, sleeping that wonderful, innocent sleep that makes you entirely forget the "blowgun vs. neighbor's cat" incident of the day before.

So, while I took Tweenie to her theater class, the boys headed out to ye olde video store. Little Man was amazed! Two whole floors of nothing but videos! It hadn't occurred to the Hubby that the boy-o had never been in a video store before. What was once the staple of family entertainment has been Netflixed into a much minor role. (Or maybe it was the fact that we switched to Netflix after finally coming to the realization that we just are too addle-brained to get anything back on time...) Nonetheless, Little Man was amazed at the plethora of films to be had, and didn't seem to mind the concept that he couldn't keep his selection forever. Add a few snacks from the candy section of the local mini-mart, and a promise that Mom will even make JiffyPop (yet another miracle to today's micro-pop generation), and he was pumped at the idea of a Family Matinee.

I don't think I'd seen E.T. since it came out - so long ago that I was dating the guy who turned out later to be gay (fess up, moms, how many of you had one of those? Wouldn't you have thought the impeccable wardrobe, great cologne and ability to dance well would have tipped us off???)...the movie held up very well. The "penis breath" line was still funny, hilarious to the kids, and we'd rented the older version that still had the police holding shotguns instead of walkie-talkies so it was still plausible. (i mean, really...would you go after some freaky extra-terrestrial with a walkie-talkie and hope for back-up? I think not!) We were even bawling at the big moment when E.T. was thought to have passed on to, well, wherever little green men go when they die. I loved watching Little Man flip around to see our reactions when he thought something extremely funny, dramatic or just plain cool. I got a huge kick out of Tweenie reacting to how adorable her little brother's reactions were to the drama. And I couldn't have been happier anywhere else on earth than there in the living room with my kids and my husband. Just one of those little moments of pure joy, complete satisfaction with your life and the amazing little family that you've created. I'm sure you know what I mean.

If you have one of those moments, why not share it here for others to enjoy? Maybe they happen more frequently than we'd like to believe. Feel free to post your favorite, or your most recent "perfect moment." God knows we need more of those in these crazy times. While you do that, I'm off to take the kids to the pool down the block. Right this very moment, I wouldn't trade places with anyone. Enjoy the day!