Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Congressional GOP's Refuse to Support McCain

So, what's the RNC to do when GOPs won't support McSame? The so-called "Gang of 14" have refused to throw their undying support behind their heir apparent. Some House Members list their reasons. Others decline to state their reasons. Ask a dozen more if they support the Republican presumptive nominee - they won't even dignify the question with a response!

Whoa. I didn't know Republicans were allowed to do that!

In fact, credit where credit is due: Official Momma Politico Kudos go out to Rep. John Peterson (R-Pa.) and Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) who had the cojones to actually speak out with the reasons why they can't support their boy: McSame's energy policy (or lack thereof!) and his 100 years in Iraq, respectively. Rare to see the guys on the Red side of the fence walk away from the pack, so I applaud their bravery...I even offer this open invitation: Whaddya say, guys? Time to cross over to the dark side??? I think we're on the same page with some of these issues.

In all seriousness, though, I am impressed that these gentlemen are bold enough and courageous enough to speak their mind. Needless to say, there are about 30 or so congressmen that we know about who just can't see McCain as the nominee. Why? They can't see him winning. Even Ben Stein, the host of one of the best ever (if short-lived) game shows and famed GOP, stated today on CNN that the old guy needs better political advice. Okay, maybe he didn't call him the old guy. But all this dissent, unique in the Republican Party this far along in such a crucial election season, is a real novelty.

How many other loyal GOPs feel the same way, but don't feel they're in a position to speak out?

Before this story came to light, I took a straw poll among my GOP friends. (And yes, I do actually have friends of that persuasion...but I draw the line at those "conspiracy theory" Libertarians!) Whenever the name McCain was spoken, my Republican friends tended to utter a low growl, or begin to mumble under their breath. They responded with profanities and slurs that this momma refuses to mention here. They shook their heads. Even the most staunch Grand Old Party supporters simply stated they didn't like any of the choices for November, including their own! I wondered to myself if other Republicans felt the same way. So when this article arose, I was pleased to see that my friends are not simply outcasts from their own party, but in good company, landing solidly among Members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

If you or any of your friends are still uncommitted about how to vote this fall, I highly recommend the YouTube video, Why I'm Voting Republican. Even Reps. Peterson and Jones might gain some insight from this short, yet powerful video. Give it a look if you have a couple of minutes. I almost changed parties myself...

Gonna be a great election season, folks. Kinda fun to see the other guys with just one lackluster they know what it's like to be a Democrat! Hold on to your party hats - it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Many thanks to The Huffington Post for bringing this article on The Hill to our attention.