Sunday, June 15, 2008

Guitar Hero III: This Family Rocks!

Well, Happy Father's Day to all our dads, uncles, and brothers! We know you all play a big part in our families' lives, and we love you for all that you do.

Today, Daddy got Guitar Hero III. Tweenie has been rockin' all morning long, and The Hubby got some solo time to play with his new toy all by himself while we went up to my mom's to wish Papa a Happy Father's Day. When we got back, he was in a guitar battle with Slash, of Guns 'n Roses fame. Little Man is now practicing, really getting some moves on while he starts to master those fret buttons.

At first I thought to myself, "What am I doing? I've already been a rock widow. So do I really want to be a virtual rock widow???" At least I don't have to help carry the amp head like when The Hubby and his buddies did gigs back in the 80's. But there's no free beer for the girlfriends/wives now, either...

But I have been pleasantly surprised by this technologic garage band generator. Everybody seems to be very encouraging of each other - very little arguing! The kids are having as much fun with this thing as The Hubby has. And listening to them sing along with The Sex Pistols, The Stones, and Social Distortion is pretty cool, I gotta say. Everyone has come up with their own band name: The Hubby fronts for Dead Animals, Tweenie is the woman behind Kamikaze, and Little Man plays for Flaming Llamas. I guess I'll have to try my hand at it, too...after all, Momma's still got a little country punk sentiment in there somewhere. Wonder if there's any X or Violent Femmes on this thing??? I'll keep you posted!

An Open Letter to Rahm Emanuel

Mr. Emanuel,
I've just finished reading your comments in the article regarding Democratic women who have not fully thrown themselves behind Senator Obama as the Democratic nominee. Allow me to refresh your memory by quoting the article and your remarks:

"He (sic Rahm) said most of them (that's us) always stay out of national politics and that the party is generally unified around Obama. ‘They're just going to stick to their knitting,’ he said."

So, Mr. Emanuel, Mr. Bigshot DNC heavyweight, you think that women like myself will stay at home election day and stick with knitting. What a mysogynistic, ignorant comment. For your information, Mr. Emanuel, I have voted in every election (local, state and federal) in my lifetime (as have my mother and my grandmother, once given the vote), and donated to every candidate I’ve supported with both money and time. I have phonebanked for my teacher’s union and for Hillary and many other candidates. Friends and family call me to find out how to vote, as I attend to the issues and candidates, and have a good understanding of most measures and initiatives. I work full-time and blog in my spare time…about politics. Not knitting. (Not that there is anything wrong with knitting - pretty hip these days, actually, but Rahm, you would have no idea since you're busy flinging around stereotypes...)

Mr. Emanuel, you'll need to buy yourself some knitting needles and retire if you cannot pull this party together. Hell, I'll buy you the needles myself, and throw in a ball of yarn. You've certainly done all you can to belittle an 18 million strong constituency of active Democratic voters. I am offended and disturbed by your lack of effort to work toward party unity. Your divisiveness and dismissive attitude is more appropriately suited to Republican tactics. Why don’t you see if they need a hand marginalizing some of their female voters this year? It’s a GOP specialty. And certainly not a luxury we can afford in the Democratic Party. Ever.

Perry MacNeil