Thursday, June 19, 2008

Simple, Joyful Moments

School is out! Finally! It's a perfect summer night - seventy five degrees, slight ocean breeze, and the summer stretched lazily before us. We drove to pick up The Hubby's car from the shop, windows down, Tweenie and Little Man in the back. And on the way back, the kids were singing along to the iPod, singing with each other and happy as clams. (To, of all things, The Saga Begins, by Weird Al!) But those beautiful little voices sailed through the car to my momma's ears, and touched this momma's heart. I cannot think of a happier sound in this world, save for their voices saying, "I love you, Mom." And between their wonderful little voices and the beautiful night, I had one of those absolutely perfect moments when all's right with the world. I could have driven on forever. But bedtime called, and sleepy eyes prevailed.

Those are the moments: they are the reason we married, the reason we became parents. They are the simple, joyful moments that we need to savor when they arrive, unexpectedly, in our lives.

I wish you all a summer full of those simple, joyful moments. Please post and share your own perfect moments here for us all to appreciate. A very happy summer to you and yours.