Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What The Barak Is He Thinking???

Okay, folks, I was just warming up to the idea of playing nicey-nice with Barak. I still think Hillary would've been a "take no prisoners," get the job done, kick-butt President (Little Man is watching as I write, thus no serious expletives...), but I was trying, really trying, to warm up to Obama as the Democratic nominee. After all, Hillary did ask us to...and I'm nothing if not loyal to our gal, Hill.

So, along comes the remark about reevaluating his position once he's been to Iraq. Okay, maybe the media made more out of that one than need be. He did speak out right after and say he still believes in getting our soldiers out of the quagmire. But then the remarks about late-term abortion arose. (Thanks to Suzanne Reisman on PVOW for bringing this to the forefront). The phrase he used, "mental distress," are you kidding me??? That sent us back to the time of "women's hysteria" being a medical diagnosis. He does have a wife and two daughters, does he not? Man, I just hope Michelle gave him hell after that remark...Can we let her appoint Supreme Court judges instead, puh-leeeease? And now, voting for the FISA bill? Immunity for all those corporations that engaged in illegal wiretapping of ordinary citizens??? Look, maybe it's just me, but I'm seeing a pattern here, and I don't like it one bit.

I'm a Democrat because I am pro-choice. I'm voting Democrat because I want us out of a war we started, because thousands of Americans have been killed for nothing more than Cheney's whim. And I am a Democrat because I believe the Bill of Rights is sacred, is sacrosanct, and shouldn't be tampered with for any reason, especially to be ignored to give telecoms immunity. I want our Bill of Rights back.

But Barak, you're scaring me, here. Is this going to turn into another one of those "Democrats Play Chameleon" elections and our candidate become whomever "the middle" wants you to be? Because if you do, we will be doomed to repeat our recent history.
GOP: "Dems are weak on defense!"
Kerry: "No! We're strong, really! See?"
I would love to see a time, and there has never been a better time than now, when our candidate actually stands up for the planks of our plaform. Come on, Barak, don't start compromising. Now is the time for you to stand up and represent the core values of the Democratic Party. Stay on message: Get out of Iraq as promised. Protect a woman's right to choose. Go full-speed after the corporations that have used illegal wiretaps, raised our gas prices, and screwed our kids and grandkids out of the American Dream (after all, it's still "the economy, stupid!" James Carville is my hero...). Barak, stand up for who we are, for the people you represent, and the rest will follow. This wavering to the right has to stop. It's not why people instilled their faith in him. The Right bank is a slippery slope, especially once you've turned your back on the people that have supported you. And it's awfully hard to climb back up once there's no one left to support you.