Sunday, July 27, 2008

An Auntie Once More!

My sister's having a baby, and I saw the photos today. It's her first, and I have, by the looks of it, another nephew on the way. Those new 3-D ultrasounds are amazing! No more looking at the monitor, saying, "Is that really my baby? Are you sure it's not a lima bean???" No, folks, thanks to modern technology, you can truly see the little nose, the round cheeks (both ends!) and the long toes that our dad says are his legacy. And, by the looks of it, it's definitely a boy. Rather shocking, actually, to open up your email and have the first photo, my first look at my nephew, be a crotch shot, a close-up of the family jewels! But, a boy, no doubt. Amazing how technology can change in such a short amount of time. (If we'd had this technology, Little Man would have had blue sheets instead of pink his first night, that's gonna cost me in therapy one day, I'm sure.)

And today was my sister's baby shower. My other sister, AKA the family cruise director, did a beautiful job. She kept things rolling along at a good pace: food, introductions, chatting, the obligatory games, the opening of the gifts and cake. Pretty standard agenda, but top-notch. Very top drawer. I was, as was everyone else, "ooh"-ing and "aaah"-ing over all the adorable little clothes, ultra-soft blankets and wonderfully generous gifts. What a great way to enter the world of mothering: surrounded by support, gifts, well-wishes and love! But what I enjoyed most of all was the joy so apparent on my sister's face. Everything delighted her, every little board book, the pure-white onesies, the wipe-warmer, the adorable outfits. I truly think she was amazed that so many people were there to so genuinely share with her the joyous occasion. And she was happy. Truly happy. As her big sister, I sat back and reveled in her contentment, knowing she deserves that sort of happiness, and knowing that more will be on the way with the delivery of her own Little Man.

How do you express to a new mom the wonders of having a boy? The way he makes "vrooom" sounds without ever being shown, and the speed with which he can make your heart race as he scales the kitchen cabinets or breaks the childproof lock on the fridge. The way he go-go-goes until he falls sound asleep with that angelic look on his face. Or the image of him sitting in the laundry basket, sucking down a bottle of chocolate syrup like a little wino, in the lightning speed it took you to pee. The way he smacks his head on the coffee table, making you think of concussions, while he just scratches it, and keeps on moving. The instinct they have, for I know no other way to explain it, to know when mom needs a hug, or a kiss, or a pat on the hand without ever being told, even when we try to hide our emotions. So different from our girls, whom we worship in a totally unique way, with all our being and just as fiercely. The boy brand of love, craziness and joy that lies ahead for her...I wish I had the words.

But soon enough, she'll be there. Emergency room trips (eventually on a first-name basis with the staff), adventure stories at bedtime and a little guy who thinks you're the smartest, coolest, most amazing and wonderful woman on earth. Hard to beat, and I cannot wait for my sis to discover this special brand of happiness for herself. Congrats, sis. I love you, and we all love your boy already. We can't wait to meet him.

More Banks Close...Is It A Recession Yet???

Just a short and sweet entry...
Two more banks closed this week. That's a total of three, or five if you count Fannie and Freddie.
The U.S. averages 5 closings a year in normal economic conditions. Yes, a year. "Mental recession"? "A nation of whiners"? You be the judge, my friends.