Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shameless Endorsement: Start Saving Box Tops at Boxtops for!

It's a gorgeous Southern Cal night, warm, with cool ocean breezes and a fat full moon. Summertime, and the livin' is easy... Except that Tweenie still needs jeans and Little Man and I haven't even begun to shop. A week before we start school, and not a single school supply in the house. Okay, I exaggerate. There's that dried up glue stick behind the couch and five or six broken pencils on the desk in the kitchen. And the occasional stray crayon for phone messages, if I'm lucky.

The Hubby says not to worry, but, oh, my simple, naive man. He has not braved Target's school supply aisle at its peak season or hit the Gap and Hollister's clearance racks to try to find clothes that are acceptable to the Tweenie without looking like a 13 year old hoochie-mama before said items are snapped up by other frantic moms. The Hubby has no idea.

So online I go, to do as much back-to-school damage as I can. But this year, I am one of the PTA moms, so I am letting all the other moms know about a site that can help your kids'school make money: Yes, a shameless plug, and they did give me a gift card, but I wanted you to know about it so that your neighborhood school can make some cash, too. The Marketplace section of this website links you to some of your fave stores, like every mom's most frequent shop, Target. If you go to the site to do shopping you'd normally do anyway, the store donates a select amount of the purchase to your school (between 1.5-4% for most) since you started at their site. Box Tops then gets the cash to your school and we PTA moms don't have to work so hard. Not only that, but if you let the other parents at your school know, then more parents can contribute to your school when they shop online.

'Nuff said. New political commentary by mid-week, I hope. Just gotta finish the school shopping and we're good to go. Have a great week and be sure to let your PTA know about this great way to earn money for your school!