Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Momma Ramblings After A Long And Busy Day

First of all, my apologies for the video links that only showed half a video. Dunno why, but I'll add the links for the videos asap so you can check 'em out in all their glory...again, my apologies. I'll be back on the political stump this week, too. First few weeks of school are busy as all get-out!

So, our 18th anniversary was this weekend. We've been together 22 or 23 years now...so long that neither of us can remember. So long, it dawned on me, quite heavily, that I have spent more than half of my life with The Hubby. Half of my life. Half. Of my entire life. Now, I don't know about you, but that makes me feel pretty friggin old! And, I ask you, dear reader, when the hell did that happen???

Now, you all know that I love The Hubby to pieces. Not so much when I can't park in the garage due to the vastness of the CD collection. Or when he's exercising like he should and I'm not. Or when I find his socks all over the living room. And especially not when we back different Dems n the primaries! Man, that sucked-we hardly talked politics for quite some time...very weird for us...thought we'd have to go to couples counseling to resolve our candidate differences...) But, most of the time, we're good. Really good. When my computer's being stupid, he knows what to do. And when I have to stay late at school for one or the other event, he gets the kids, and they all manage to fend for themselves pretty well in my absence (e.g. they're fed, and happy - the only casualties are the Wii remotes, dead from overuse, and the house, which looks like a bomb has hit. But, hey, that's just collateral damage, right?). Over the past year, I've been through what has been, most assuredly, one of the most difficult work years of my life, and through it all, The Hubby has been my rock. Kept me grounded. Gave me that quiet place in the world where, despite it all, I see with clarity what really matters: us, our family, and good friends. Oh, yeah, and chocolate. Good chocolate.

I'm still not sure how the time has passed so quickly. Tweenie will be entering high school next year (read: college costs are around the corner...PLEEEZE, Democrats, don't blow it!) and Little Man is an upper grader (4th). But I'm glad it's passed with The Hubby beside me, supporting each other through it all.

In all honesty, If he'd been a Republican, I doubt he'd have gotten to first base. I just don't get that Carville/Matlin thang...I'd have killed him long ago. If he takes a GOP position on an issue, it's justifiable homicide, right??? All kidding aside, much love to The Hubby, and Happy Anniversary, Hon.

Anyone else marveling at their years together, how fast it's all gone? Jump on in and share your thoughts. Especially if you have a mixed marriage (GOP/Dem!) and have found ways to make it work!

More politics soon!