Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bellagio and Pizza Hut - Both Evil Empires!

Another short but sweet one...

Bellagio: read the evil atrocities that befell a pregnant woman on the Mommy Needs A Cocktail blog link to the right. Truly atrocious.

Pizza Hut: Lost my order, claimed I never made one, then stole my credit card number, charged up a Vonage account and downloaded music from Yahoo and iTunes. Would I kid you??? Their district manager has refused to call me back. Pizza Hut is full of credit card thieves (and incompetency- they gave their phone number and email account to Vonage!) and Domino's contributes to Operation Rescue...who's left? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

But, there is a bright spot in this gray, bleak world. Watch Rachel Maddow on CNBC or check her out online. They show her twice a night, so enjoy the most no-bullshit person on television. Very funny and savvy gal. Enjoy!

Shout Out to Sarah!

Hey, a big shout out to our girl Sarah, for the amazing 25 point bump she gave us among women voters! You go, Girl!
I have totally changed my mind about her. I had no idea she was an undercover agent for our cause. Keep up the good work, Ms. Palin. Much appreciated.