Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Disaster Politics: Fear And Loathing in The McCain Campaign

Well, once again, the GOP runs from a fight. Nothing like claiming a disaster is near when it works to your political advantage. Claim the country must come first, and run like Hell. Scare the crap out of people and stay in office. Smoke and mirrors. Magicians call it "misdirection," and I call it lying to the American people.
"What do I mean?" you might ask. Here are a few recent examples:
  • Limit the GOP Convention "due to the hurricane." Read: Limit time so that we can keep Bush and Cheney off the stage and distance ourselves from the head of the party and his messmaking.
  • "Suspend the campaign." Read: "Holy shit! We're losing! Tell Bush to use words like "panic," "rescue" and "recession" and hold a meeting to keep me from looking like a big coward!"
  • Cancel the debate "to focus on the financial crisis." Read: "I'm a big, fat chicken and I am deathly afraid of looking like a doddering old fool so I am going to run away and pretend to focus on something scary."
  • Protect "working families from company bailouts." Read: Bend over now, 'cause we're giving a truckload of your money to the same guys who lost it all or put it in their own pockets. And we're gonna let them do it again - on your dime, your kids' dime, your grandkids dime..."

Man, how can these blatant lies still work??? It's not like we haven't seen it all before. Remember these oldies but baddies?

  • "No nation building." Platform plank of Bush's campaign. Then he preemptively attacked Iraq and built them a surplus while we run a deficit rebuilding their country.
  • "No corporate bailouts - the market will adjust itself." Uh, and we're giving away trillions of dollars to corporations that acted irresponsibly and without government oversight because??? Where's that market adjusting itself???
  • "Government oversight is BAD." So, now McCain and Republicans are blaming corporations, to whom they've been Fairy Godparents, for their lack of self-regulation after the Republicans deregulated the banking and investment industries.

Chris Dodd said it best on The Rachel Maddow Show tonight. Head of the Senate Banking Committee, he stated, "This is a bailout for John McCain, not the banking industry."

It continues to amaze me that, in the midst of all this banking impropriety, no one is mentioning McCain's pivotal role in "The Keating Five." The Senate Ethics investigation, the delay of investigations into the S&L scandal, the misuse of working folks' hard earned money and another friggin' giant corporate banking bailout. Why isn't this in the mainstream media??? Why isn't it all over the front page news??? (Purely rhetorical, of course, since we all know that Big Money owns corporate media, too!)

On another entirely different issue, there is an intelligence report on the Iraq war out tomorrow, predicted to be a scathing assessment of the lack of progress and botching of the entire operation. But, you won't be able to read it, because the present administration thinks you're not ready to handle that kind of truth - until after the elections in November!

We're up 10 points. McCain's running scared. Go to the Obama/Biden site and contribute now. And while you're at it, go to Planned Parenthood's site and make a donation in Sarah Palin's name as a little thank you for the jump in the polls she so generously provided. (Send the "In Sara Palin's honor" card to : McCain for President 1235 S. Clark Street 1st Floor Arlington, VA 22202.)

Let's keep the momentum of all these early Christmas presents going and support the Democratic Party in taking back the White House for us in November.