Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hey, Grampy McSame: Just Tell Me Already...What Are You Gonna Do, And How Are You Gonna Pay For It???

Watched the debates, of course. Hope you did, too. But here's the deal. At my staff meeting today, in a tight budget year, I had to tell my staff what we were going to do, and how we were going to pay for it. Simply put, but that's what everyone wanted to know. Tonight, I saw specific answers by Barak Obama about his priorities and how to pay for it. Grampy McSame? Not so much. Too busy throwing around derogatory remarks, pacing the stage, and derogatorily referring to his worthy opponent "that one" while flashing that creepy, predator-like grin. (Man, that just freaks me out - just don't grin, Grampy...just don't do it!)

So, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we already buy those bad home loans to the tune of a mega-bailout? What's up with McCain's "new idea" that he sprung on everyone? Socialized housing? Nationalized home loans? MORE??? Totally threw me with that one. Threw his campaign, too, from what I can tell from their post-debate reaction! I still don't get how we progressive Dems became the party of fiscal responsibility, but, hey, I'm enjoying it!

As to health care, well, Barak was right on with that one, too. It should be a right, in the richest country in the world, as it is in many other nations who are not nearly as wealthy as we. McCain says it's a responsibility, but whose responsibility? The federal government? The states? Parents? He never says...and, no, there is no fine for small businesses that don't offer insurance, but there is an incentive for those who do.

If the Republicans were going to pull this off, this was the night. This was the night to look presidential. This was the night to throw the knockout punches. This was the night to spell it out and bring it home. This was the time to make it happen. In both style and substance, McSame was mediocre as best. He allowed Barak to look like a smart, savvy, good guy who really gets what the middle class is going through. By contrast, Obama rose to the occasion and demonstrated the depth of understanding and ability to lead as Commander-in-Chief.

It was fascinating to watch the focus group graphs on CNN - Barak was consistently, and considerably above the midline, and actually topped out the scale with women for several of his responses. McCain? Pretty much a flatliner. DNR. Please do not take heroic measures to revive, as there is not much life left in his campaign. Rest in peace. The debate was a clear knockout for Barak.

So, whaddya think? What were your impressions? You know here at Momma Politico, we agree to disagree, so feel free to leave a comment from either side of the aisle and join in the debate yourself!