Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCranky and Cronies Already Prepare to Challenge The 2008 Outcome (And Other Random Ramblings)

Well, faithful friends and loyal readers, as we all saw on the last debate, ol' Mr. Wilson is pretty pissed at Dennis the Democrat. Never saw so much winkin' and blinkin'. And the sounds coming outta that man! Little Man was trippin' hard on all the weird noises and grunts. He started a tally, but got bored after 33 various grunts and blurps. Freak show, baby.

So, the already sore Republican losers are already hard at work to throw this election (making it a trifecta, I believe). I predict the word "Acorn" will be the most spoken word in the post-election world. And don't forget the bitching about all the fundraising we've done. Accusations of Democrats "buying the election" are being bandied about. Frankly, it's about time we bought us a branch of government in true Republican style...Good for us! Man, if that's not the ultimate in hypocrisy, I dunno what is.

Speaking of sleazeballs, there's a Republican running here in my area named Strickland. He's running against a true defender of freedom, democracy and all that is good, Hannah Beth Jackson. Supporter of schools, environment, civil liberties. And that scuzbucket is lying up a storm about our fearless leader, Hanna Beth. Worst of all, he hasn't got the cojones to list himself as a Republican on his signs. His tagline? "Independent leadership." He's as independent, and has a much affiliation with the Independents, as George The Boy King. What a manipulative ploy. No surprise, though. Fits right into his playbook.

And as a last random rambling, check out this blog, sent to me by a good friend. I thought it was one of those freaky conspiracy things at first. I am not one for crackpot conspiracy theories, mind you. But I kept reading along, and, by God, it looks like there's some semblance of truth here. Haven't checked Snopes or sources yet, but an interesting, and terrifying, read. Kind of makes the whole expansion of the powers of the Executive Branch and the whole "V.P. is an independent branch of government" thing make sense. Scary sense.

Off to pick up a Webelos Scout uniform. We are diving into the BSA, with some trepidation but mostly Little Man's emerging testosterone. Tweenie thinks he'll look mighty cute in that tiny uniform. More on that whole scene tomorrow!

Keep the faith, vote early and vote often! (Not Acorn's slogan, for the record!) Anybody remember where that slogan came from?