Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Six Days: Making Change in 20 Minutes

Hi All,
We're getting close to the finish line, a mere six days away. And we're all feeling pretty strong. Check out the latest polling figures, and you'll see that we have reason to be confident. Even in Arizona, McGrumpy's home state, there's pretty much a dead heat. We're feeling pretty good...
But there is some serious voter suppression going on out there. (Hooray for Florida Gov. Crist for righting the wrong in Fla. - the law that limited the early voting hours and caused 5 hour waits at the polls was just changed by emergency order!) It's definitely happening. That much we know. And the robocall lies just keep on coming. So, it's time to fight back, and to really focus on the job at hand. It's time to make our voices heard and make this the landslide victory we know can happen!

But you and I are incredibly busy. We work full time, or have kids and blogging and a busy life. How the heck do we find the time to help? In fact, as a strong Democrat and believer in activism at all levels, I was stressing hard on how to get out there and do my part to make this historic moment happen. But then I got an email from It provided a link to make phone calls from home to other members in key battleground states. So, I thought I'd give it a try - I told myself, "I'll just make 20 calls. That's all."

Now, I know it seems pretty intimidating if you've never made these sorts of calls before. As a teacher, I have done a lot of phone banking to get local voters to pass bond measures to support our schools. So, I knew it wasn't hard once you get started. But if you've never done it, it seems pretty scary to call strangers and talk politics, of all things! (Hell, why not throw in a little sex and religion, too, while we're at it???) So I decided to follow the link sent me to check out just how easy they'd made it for regular folks like us.

First of all, I loved that it was calls only to other members, so the odds of someone disagreeing with the need for change was slim to none. A friendly audience is always good! Second, they have easy to follow instructions, and a great script you can have in front of you on your laptop which has every possible response someone could make, and how to respond. There's a practice script, and they provide the phone numbers for you, and you can do as little or as much as you want. Everyone I've called was supportive and on board. I shared my experiences as an educator and what I have seen in schools, of how we'd stopped filling the tank all the way because it cost us too much. And I talked with people about jobs and forclosures and how we want to be able to afford send Tweenie and Little Man to college. Everyone was courteous and polite, and appreciated my efforts - I actually got a "thanks for what you're doing" from one woman! It was a totally enjoyable experience, and I hope you'll try it. Even if you only make 10 calls, that's ten more ways to get out the vote. Be bold. Be brave. Be courageous and give it a shot! You'll be glad you did, and you'll be able to say you've been a part of history! Let us all know how your get out the vote efforts went by posting a comment here at Momma Politico!