Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thank You! A Shout-out to My Faithful Readers

Just noticed I broke the 3,000 mark on my site's counter. Thanks for coming back, for reading my ramblings and rants, and for the great comments that make the conversation here at Momma Politico. You have all made blogging a blast, and I love trading comments and posts and watching each other's kids grow. Thanks for being a part of the experience!

There Is an Air of Promise in Every Corner of America Tonight

There is an air of promise in every corner of America tonight. The people have spoken, and we've spoken with voices stentorian: the time for change has come.

It is with a happy heart that I sit here tonight, on the day after the election, watching Americans rejoice over the decision of their countrymen (and women!), watching Kenyans, Brits, Filipinos, all manner of people, in jubilant celebration. There is an air of promise in every corner of the globe tonight.

Landslide. Mandate. Majority. Without a doubt, we have rejected the politics of separatism, of class division, of divisiveness. We have made a grand statement to the world: United, once again, we stand, with the desire for renewing something greater than ourselves, something transcendent, beyond race and creed: that air of promise in every strata of America.

At school today, children truly did believe, every child, that any among them can become the President of these United States. Washington. Lincoln. Roosevelt. Kennedy. Soon, Obama. His picture will be in place in classrooms across the country, presenting a new face of the Presidency, a new generation to lead. The torch has been passed. There is an air of promise in every classroom in America.

Renewal. Rebirth. Regeneration. Promises to keep, and miles before we sleep. But there is time, if only for tonight, to rest and rejoice in the hard-fought battle we've won. A battle fought for ourselves, for our children, and our children's children. Born from the meager resources of working men and women, born of fives, tens and twenties, pouring in by mail, sent in online and walked into offices all over the country. All expresing the faith of the individual in our common dream, a chance to fulfill the promise of the American Dream. The promise that is America.

There is an air of promise in every corner of America. In every classroom. Across the world. The landslide, the mandate, the majority has spoken, in voices stentorian, with a message loud and clear: Our hope has been renewed. We believe again in the promise of America.