Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's A New Deal for Christmas This Year

If you're anything like The Hubby and me, you're checking the ads and hitting the Mervyn's and Linens 'N Things 50% off going out of business sales to try to make Christmas happen for your kids and loved ones this year. I checked all the gift cards in my purse to make sure that they're not for places going out of business, got my siblings to agree on a $10-15 limit on gifts for the nieces and nephews (we're in cousin double-digits now...) and have started baking gifts for coworkers and the boss. (Wishing I had Mamajama's crafty talents!) But the economy has definitely taken it's toll on Santa's budget this year.

But before we start to get those holiday blues, take a look at the New Year's present that the Obama/Biden administration has for the middle class and the American economy at large. The economic plan laid out on gives you all the details. Please give it a read - it's a bulleted list, brief summaries of each component of the plan. Infrastructure to build jobs, revamping of trade agreements, breaks for small businesses, and the tax break f,or people like you and me, the under $250,000 middle class. (Okay, for some of us, way under!)

When Tweenie was teenie, she must have watched the musical Annie once a day for at least a year. She lived, breathed and slept Annie, singing and dancing her way through the day. One of the numbers was "A New Deal for Christmas," a wonderful song and dance that celebrates FDR's New Deal. I think we're going to have to pull that DVD out again, as we are looking at a program as grand in scope, attentive to needs of working families and bold enough to rebuild the economy. While I'm not ready to sing and dance yet, I am, finally, hopeful again about the future of our nation.

What would you like to see in a WPA-approach to rebuilding the American economy? Any programs you think the Obama/Biden administration should incorporate to bring us back to prosperity again? Post below, and then go to and let the new administration know, too: we still get to be heard, to help steer the course of our nation's future. It's a new dawn for American politics, and we're getting that New Deal for Christmas this year.