Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Okay, We have 60...Can We Do Something NOW? ...Plus My Rants For The Day

Still working, but had to rant about a few things that have been sticking in my craw...

First of all, hooray for Al Franken! He has held the line, done his due diligence, and his perseverance has been rewarded (as has ours). Okay, so now can we move forward on the issues we've been waiting on??? Time to use that political capital, Mr. President, and put aside the sadly single-sided bipartisan efforts for some real progress. Use it or lose it, that's how it works. And with poll numbers starting to wane, the time is now!

Speaking of timing, can somebody please tell Sanford to just shut up? Puh-leeze..."Soul mate, sparking, crossing the sex line"...that's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much information, thank you very much. Just be quiet, and go away. No one wants to hear about it. Quit putting your poor wife through this public humiliation. For the public airing of all this nonsense, for that alone, he should leave office. Because, frankly, I don't care how many lines he crossed in how many countries. Does this idiot have no handlers? Does he not write anything down before spewing io the press??? Good God, he should be fired for a lack of common sense. Now that I think about it, The Mrs. seems to be a smart, savvy gal. Whaddya say we just let her take her husband's seat? All those in favor, say "Aye!"

And we begin to withdraw troops from Iraq today. Another finally. Actually, we are only withdrawing to our bases within Iraq. The Administration has stated that they will keep at least 30,000 troops in Iraq until after the election. Richard Clarke said today that "what is in the best interest of the Uniteds States is to get the Hell out!" Simple, but it says it. We will see if there is any forward progress on this front in the time to come.

Meanwhile, with a majority in the Senate, the time has come to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." How can we look at the brave men and women who are being asked to either resign or be thrown out, (Fehrenbach and Choi being two fine examples), when they have served their country with honor and dignity. Y'know, last time I checked, folks weren't exactly lining up outside the recruiting office. Mr. President, having a GLBT event at the White House is, indeed, a step forward, but how many fine soldiers (266 since January) have to lose their life's calling before we remove this discriminatory policy? When it is repealed, will we at least retroactively restore their position in the armed forces and all benefits? Mr. President, please, sign an Executive Order, while you push the bill through Congress, which has a majority ready to pass it. I have no doubt that Civil Rights were granted to African-Americans before the "generational issue" was settled. How is this any different? Is it repercussions from the Religious Right we fear? As a Navy brat, I know how much it meant to my father to serve. It means just as much to gay and lesbian soldiers and their families today. While I appreciate the symbolic gesture that was made on the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, I am still left with too many questions unanswered.

And health care, health care, health care...please, everyone, call, write or email your representatives and tell them that there needs to be a public option. This may be "so last year," but if you haven't seen "Sicko" yet, rent it today. When we are the only industrialized nation without universal, quality, state-sponsored health care, then something is terribly wrong, and our system is in the pockets of the insurance companies. The question becomes, are we in so deep we can't get out? If we Democrats cannot change this one crucial matter, then everything else is affected: the economy will continue to falter as people file bankruptcy because of medical costs. We'll be unable to pay for other debts. And the insurance companies will continue to glean corporate welfare off the top. This may be the most crucial issue of our time, and may be the thing that either keeps us in power or disgusts the American People to the point where we are kicked out in the next election cycle. People are that adamant, that angry...Even The Hubby, who is not the politcal fanatic of the house, mind you, is now threatening to change parties if we can't pull it off, though I think that's cutting off his nose despite his face. (Hope this doesn't get as bad as when I was a Hillary supporter and he was for Obama. Could be interesting times ahead in the Politico household! Stay tuned for further developments!)

Whaddya think of the events of the day? Now it's your turn to rant and rave! I look forward to hearing your views on all of the above, and anything else that strikes your fancy, so post your thoughts below. And, as always, thanks for stopping by!