Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blagojevich: Another Word for Slimy, Hubris-Filled Weasel

If you didn't catch Rachel Maddow's interview with Rod Blagojevich, I can tell you firsthand: I have not seen such a slimy, hubris-filled weasel in a mighty long time. It's that simple.

Put aside the fact that he admitted several charges to Rachel right on the air; forget about the fact that everything he said regarding swapping the Senate seat is on tape; even put aside that he helped the Tribune and in exchange, wanted them to fire editorialists and lay off him for awhile. While we're at it, forget the rest of the 13 articles of impeachment.

Let me tell you why is a dangerous man. Yes, dangerous.
1) He is a slickster who's gotten away with a lot for a long time.
2) He is on his very own media tour, instead of being back home serving the folks he claims to be so dedicated to serving.
3) He is so on message ("rides for seniors," "breast and cervical cancer screens," "expanding health care") that if he's for real, Mother Teresa was corrupt by comparison.
4) Obviously a Hair Club for Men graduate.
5) He chose not to have the famous folks whose names he dropped (e.g. Harry Reid, Rahm Emanuel, Dick Durban...the list goes on) make statements he could submit to the proceedings in the Illinois State Senate.
6) Why isn't he home to defend himself to the State Senate, instead of being on his media blitz? The guy has the Bush strategy of "say it until it becomes the truth" going on. I don't know about you, but that is getting to be one old chestnut.
7) What hubris to fire your lawyer for telling you to keep your trap shut and stay off the media circuit!

If he is able to pull this off, and get his approval rating above that of Dick Cheney, he will be capable of anything, and have carte blance to do as he will without any reservations. Now, that's dangerous.

Well, Kids, it's been a long night teaching Cub Scouts to build fires (which we may later regret...), so I'll leave it at that. Read the transcript yourself. Better yet, watch the clips from the interview. Then decide for yourself and tell me what you think: Hair Club for Men hubris, or Mother Teresa? Post a comment and have your say!