Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's About Time: Cutting The Deficit and Ending The Iraq War

Well, I know it's been an amazing month for the new President, and far from "disappointing," as the RNC would have us believe. To recap, let's see...President Obama put State governments "on notice" regarding wasteful spending of the stimulus; he extended the life of the office of Gulf Coast Rebuilding, (slated to end this month, far before the Coast was rebuilt). He signed into law the Lilly Ledbetter act and put in place stricter rules on lobbyists. Then there was the signing of an executive order closing Guantanamo and other secret prisons overseas, signing the SCHIP children's health insurance bill into law, and putting a hold on forclosures. And, oh, yeah: President Obama set the Stimulus Plan in motion, and included the cost of the wars in the budget, so that we really see how badly they're putting us in debt and our government can demonstrate full transparency. But, other than that...yeah, you could say it's been a slow month...

But what I am really looking forward to is happening in the next week. We're finally looking past the economic crisis and on to some other substantive issues, ones we've talked about throughout the campaign. This Tuesday night, we'll get to hear President Obama discuss his plans for health care and green energy. And y'know what? I'd betcha, dollars to donuts, there'll be some help for families like ours that see a big chunk taken out of their paychecks each week for healthcare. Y'know what else? I think it's even money that the plan for green energy will do something else besides build green technologies. Something crazy, like, say...create jobs! What a concept!

But the best part of all that we will see in the first half of our new President's term is the substantial shrinking of the deficit. It'll be done primarily in 2 big ways: by shrinking, and eventually ending, the Iraq War, and by getting rid of the ridiculous Bush tax cuts to the rich! Jeez - I can hardly believe I'm actually able to say that! It really felt like we'd never again see the day when there'd be hope for the middle class. Wow. Suddenly I don't feel like we're as endangered a species as we were several months ago.

Now, I know there's a long road ahead, and that we need to hunker down and tighten our belts. But, as many of my fellow Blog Sistahs have stated on their own blogs this week, I, for one, don't mind my taxes going up if it supports the things we "socialists" (read: progressives) hold so dear, like health care, safe roads and bridges, schools, teachers, police, fire and hospitals.

As for health care, especially, so many other places do it well, and have for years. Papa Politico wound up in a hospital in Norway years ago for a prostate emergency. His prostate emergency was dealt with speedily, he received a full-body scan and received great treatment and a doc with a pleasant bedside manner. Papa P shared a room, and a TV (and a tiny bit of Englush with his roomie). When he left, he paid for his phone calls home and his half of the TV, and headed home with the peace of mind that he was completely A-O.K., thanks to the full body scan. There has to be a way for us, the greatest and one of the wealthiest nations on earth, to do the same for our own countrymen and women.

Anyhow, now that the economic crisis has been addressed and we can focus, as a nation, on moving forward, what issue from the campaign would you like to see dealt with, first and foremost? Please let your fellow politicos know by posting your comments here! Who knows? Maybe The Prez will find his way here on his beloved Blackberry and start checking off our laundry list!