Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mr. Roger's Revisited: Matthews Exclaims, "Oh, God!" Before Speech

See, Kids, I wasn't hallucinating after all! Remember in the Mr. Roger's Neighborhood post, when I said we'd distinctly heard someone say, "Oh, God!" as Jindal came out? That was Chris Matthews' on-air "Oh, God!" I heard that night! Here's a quote from Variety Magazine:
"Most recently, as MSNBC prepared to cut to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's response to Obama's address, Matthews blurted out "Oh, God!" as the governor appeared, and it was heard on the air." Yessiree, it wasn't just me, and Chris was quite prescient in his remarks! What a train wreck of a speech.

Went out to dinner with a buncha other couples tonight. We've all known each other since the kids were little, as moms, and some of us work together. About once every 6-8 weeks, we drop the kids at one house, with the high school age girls as sitters, and go to dinner someplace nearby. We try to stay close enough that if one of the boys neds a trip to the e.r., we can drive back before anyone bleeds out...Little Man and the kids run wild with Wii games and Bakugan (the latest craze among elementary aged boys). Tweenie and the other teen text, download songs and say, "like...yeah," a lot. Great steaks and beer tonight, hilarious laugh-till-you-cry stories. I always laugh so hard I'm wheezing by the time I get home! Great people, and we feel fortunate to have them in our lives. And believe-you-me, with the MIL in the house, we needed a night out...

Just had to share that I found the quote above. I've been wondering if we had some sort of group psychosis going on, and then wandered across the validation online - mighty nice to know you're not slippin'...enjoy the weekend before the Republicans try to land a Federal spending freeze...more on that Hooverian idea later!