Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kudos To My Blog Buddies And...Complete Honesty? (Okay, I'll Try!)

I had a really great surprise from Monkey Girl, my BlogSistah and all-around rockin' blogger pal. She listed my lil' ol' blog as one of the blogs she loves to read, along with 6 others, and I am flattered, humbled to be listed among six other fantastic blogs, and grateful for such praise from a terrific blogger like MG. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Girl!

It's part of a bloggy deal, a challenge from another blogmeister, to do 2 things: 1) Show some love for seven other blogs you dig reading, and 2) List ten things that are completely honest about yourself. MG listed ten things about herself that are...completely honest. Yeah, I know...gutsy comes to mind. Brave. And, given the challenge, maybe the fleeting thought of, "I hope I can do this!"

So, first and foremost, ten completely honest things about me (feel free to jump right to the cool blogs I love section):

1) I am loyal to a fault. Ask any boyfriends that have wronged my sisters, as I am taking the 5th on that one.

2) I like nothing better than to be lazy on the weekend. While we have to catch up on household stuff on the weekends, since The Hubby and I work full-time during the week, I really ike nothing better than a pajama day: kids playing Wii with each other, The Hubby kickin' it with his music, and me on the laptop, checking out the Rachel Maddow podcasts for the week.

3) Speaking of RM, I am a huge fan. No, seriously. The Hubby calls me a fangirl. So I follow her Air America and MSNBC shows, and have a google search alert email me when there is new stuff about my fave politico on the internet. She seems like she'd fit right into my circle of friends and, heck, she can make a mean cocktail, so she'd definitely be a welcome addition! Good to see a fellow nerdy wonk make good.

3) I see chocolate as a food group.

4) I hate yoga. I just can't slow down and breathe for that long.

5) I tend to be a die-hard about the things I believe in. Sometimes to the point of excluding other opinions altogether. Working on that.

6) I hate exercise. I only do it because I have to. If I could have a place where I could run on the treadmill, blog, and watch MSNBC all at the same time, I'd be a lot happier.

7) I am a big, sentimental slob at heart. I love romantic comedies, and think all movies in which the main character dies at the end ought to be rated D for death. I hate an unhappy ending.

8) I own the fancy, complete, 7 season The West Wing box set, and watch it on a regular basis...although, less so now that we actually have a Democrat in office!

9) I hate grown-up lady clothes, but have to wear them for work. People don't think you're the teacher if you're a girl and dress in 501's, t-shirts, Converse and a baseball cap every day...bit it really is my comfort zone.

10) I curse entirely too much. Little Man is trying to break me of the habit. He is my little idealist, just like The Hubby.

Now to the important stuff. Here are some of the great blogs that keep me coming back, day after day, for my daily dose of politics and/or mommahood. These are the folks I read, to laugh my a** off, to rant and rave with, to commisserate with. The ones who have it goin' on in the wonderful world of blog. They will all be on my updated list later this weekend, (if time allows).
If you want a great read, terrific content, and some folks who really get what's goin' on in the world, just click below:

A Monkey Girl's Existential Drama Not just 'cuz she passed on the love...she's one of the folks I first fell in love with reading when I entered the blogosphere. Smart, funny, rockin' blog. Rockin' woman! Always right on with her politics, (or should that be left-on?) and a terrific mom in her own right. Love her! Love her work!

Thoughts From A Liberal Mom Jen writes a blog like nobody's business. Her content always keeps me coming back for more! A fair-minded, smart, savvy mom, and wears the L word (Liberal, that is...) like the badge of honor it is. Great writer - check her out!

Cancer Mommy A shameless plug here for an important place run by our blog friend, Jennifer. It's an amazing site for moms experiencing cancer and mommahood - great support for some of the moms I admire most. And Jennifer is one smart cookie when it comes to politics, too. Hoping that once she has less on her plate, she does her own politico thang - a savvy voice and a smart lady. Please forward this valuable link on to any moms you know who would benefit.

PunkyBean I'm a new reader of this blog, but love her sense of humor, down-to-earth sensibilites and the fact that I get my pop culture fix - enough that I don't seem like a total political wonk. A no-holds-barred, call-em-like-ya-see-em kinda gal. Love it, PB!

Nailing Jello to the Wall Chief RabbleRouser Sue J is a fellow teacher who comments on everything from education to crime in the city and back again. Her posts are always well-written and compelling reads. I am a new reader, but she keeps me coming back. Great bloglists on her site as well. Terrific read, Sue!

The Frustrated Teacher All I know about this blog is that it's another fellow teacher who is always on the mark about NCLB, politics, current events and humor. Even if you're not in education (and frankly, all moms are educators!), this blog is worth a look-see.

VoiceCrackinDissent KayInMaine does a great job of left-leaning, straight-on political analysis on the issues of the day. Smart posts and great links for news and commentary.

Please give these folks a read. They're out on the front lines of politics and mommyhood, and their posts will keep you coming back for more. And thanks to the folks above for their efforts - your work does not go unnoticed!

To my readers, enjoy, and to those above, feel free to pass on the love, or not! No Catholic guilt attached to this one, kids. Just happy to have had the opportunity to express my appreciation and admiration of my fellow bloggers. So, thanks, and thanks, MG, for passing on the opportunity!