Thursday, March 19, 2009

Conservadems? After 8 Years of Bush, What The Hell Are You Thinking?

So, it took the country eight years of deregulation, a recession, 4,000 Americans dead in Iraq, our civil liberties ripped right out of the constitution, and those with the top 1% of incomes finally holding the top 95% of the wealth to get The Shrub out of office.

We fought long and hard, donating money and time we couldn't afford to get him out and a Democrat in, and to build a near-filibuster-proof majority.

We who put these folks in office sent a strong mandate that it's time to get back to the Democratic values for which this party stands. And now, NOW, these so-called Conservadems have their own little "We know better than the people who put us here" coalition, an alliance, as if they get to vote us off the island...What the HELL are these people thinking???

Might I ask someone to remind me again why we let Joe Lieberman back into the caucus after his traitorous moves? (I know, I know, we wanted him to vote with us...but he's dragging us down again!) And Claire McCaskell. Awwww....we thought you were one of the good guys, Claire...Man, these elected representatives are supposed to be supporting our party, but they've been drinking the Obstructionist Kool-Aid! And there are a handful more that are even too chicken-shit to let their constituencies know who they are! Wrong, just friggin' wrong. Dirty pool.

Everyone should know who these people are. At least those below had the cojones to show their faces. Below are the folks that have decided to waste this opportunity to move the Democratic agenda forward and to join the Grand Obstructionist Party in blocking progress for our nation:

Evan Bayh - IN
Mark Begich - AK Made a completely hypocritical ass of himself on Rachel tonight!
Michael Bennet - CO
Tom Carper - DE
Kay Hagan - NC
Herb Kohl - WI
Mary Landrieu - LA
Joe Lieberman - CT (Independent, I know, but he swore he'd vote with the Caucus...guess we can trust him, huh?)
Blanche Lincoln - AR
Claire McCaskill - MO (C'mon, Claire? Who got to you??? Huge disappointment...)
Bill Nelson - FL
Jeanne Shaheen - NH
Mark Udall - CO
Mark Warner -VA

Please, let them know what you think of this ridiculous shell game they're playing with the will of the people. We have a true opportunity to bring our country back to life. Don't let them destroy it for the corporate, nay-saying we voted against. Tell them you want them to support the President's agenda, and that you are their boss, not the GOP. And when you're done, let us know what you think of this whole mess by commenting here.

And it's the 6th anniversary of the War in Iraq. Last night on Charlie Rose, Condi claimed that Bush never claimed Al Quaida was connected to Iraq. The revisionist history begins. My God, my God, my God. I am speechless.