Monday, April 6, 2009

Pentagon Pouts Over New Budget - Sane People Everywhere Breathe Sighs of Relief

Well, Kids, today I heard on Rachel's show that the Pentagon budget has grown over 75% as of late, and it suddenly all makes sense why we have unfunded mandates like NCLB in education today, millions with no health insurance, and seniors unable to live on Social Security. Thankfully, Gates came forward today and made sense of some of the madness, as The Prez declared that nuclear proliferation cannot continue and must be controlled.

Of course, The Prez is already beaing called to the carpet for his remarks. Defense contractors are already going through withdrawals, with full-on DTs to follow. Republicans are, of course, claiming he's made us a weaker nation already. (Frankly, I have never see the reputation of our country rise so drastically as during this last Obama World Tour!) And y'all know what happens when them socialist ideas get thing you know, it's the rapture! Silly, silly GOP.

Call me crazy, but I kinda like the idea of my kids growing up in a world with less nukes. And I really like the idea of our budget freed up to supporting things I feel are equally as important as our defense, such as educating our electorate, health insurance for all and making sure we have a way for our seniors to live in dignity. After the last eight years, it's an amazing concept.

Speaking of the Grand Obstructionist Party, they're still holding up the appointments of the Department of Veterans' Affairs nomination (an amazing woman) and other key posts. The angels of my better nature would like to think it's just contrariness, but I think many of the appointments are being held up for two reasons: a) prevent Democrats from making headway by being contrary, and b) keep certain documents and information from coming to the forefront, e.g. info on torture and who made the unethical, and illegal, decisions. This, my friends, is getting old, and I can only say that I hope the American people will not fall asleep at the switch like before, or become complacent now that our guys are in. More on this story as it develops...

Happy Spring Break to those of you who share my school schedule. For those who've already had their break, what mischief and trouble did you get into? Share it here!