Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This Is Not My America: What Bush & Cheney Hath Wrought in Their Age of Torture

The Red Cross report on torture in so-called "Black Sites" was leaked today by the New York Review of Books in the interest of the public good.

I am horrified by what I read in these forty pages. This is not my country; this is not the America I know and love. This is not what was intended by the Geneva Convention. Nor is it what I wish for our men and women to undergo when kept captive by another government. Yet in these pages, in black and white, we see these atrocities being approved by the highest levels of our government, and the pretense of legality presented in a warped play on words by the highest legal authority in the land. No good information came of these horrific "techniques." As disturbing as the details of this report are, it should be required reading for every American, so that we do not forget the warping and twisting of our laws that occurred and the lies perpetrated upon the American people.

Thank you to TRMS for making it known to us, and to the New York Review of Books for having the courage to come forward with this report to prevent the atrocities from occurring in the future. It is time for those responsible for these crimes to be brought to justice. Starting at the top.