Saturday, April 18, 2009

Republicans Demonstrate Their Big, Fat, Crybaby Side...Again!

So, let me get this straight. Texas' Governor Rick Perry wants to secede. From the union. Of the United States, as in UNITED states. (Yes, that's yelling you see...)

And the GOP is co-opting/astroturfing the "teabagging" movement, and pushing their 2M4M movement. Sorry, folks, but these are just too rich for us ever to have been able to make them up. Honestly, if you're too dumb to Google your group name before you put it out in the public eye, ya deserve whatever flak you get. Even Tom Brokaw would giggle.

And Bybee, who said it's A-O.K. to torture people in very specific ways and not call it torture is now in a lifetime appointment as a 9th Circuit Appeals Court Judge, just one step below the Supreme Court. Of course, he could be impeached by the legislature.

Top it all off with Gingrich calling the administration names, and picking on Jimmy Carter. Let's face it, the GOP has become the party of boo-hoo, nanny-nanny, and "We're taking our marbles and going home to Ol' Mother Reagan." (Shout-out to my boys, The Violent Femmes...) I thought patriotism was looking at the greater good, not what's best for the individual, or the state, but these United States. I thought our parents taught us as kids to be good sports, take losses gracefully, and to persevere despite difficult times. Did these guys grow up in a different USA than we did? Oh, yeah. Duh. They grew up in the wealthy US of A, not the middle class, work hard and do your honest best one we did. My mistake.

But, y'know, I've been thinking about it, and, frankly, I'm good with the whole secession thing. Let Texas and anyone else who wants to secede do it now, before they take the bailout money. Of course, there will be debts they'll need to settle, like repaying FEMA money, their part of the national debt and U.S. Border Patrol funding. As long as they pay up before they leave, no worries. And, of course, they'll need to find someone else's deep pockets to fund the revitalization of their equally depressed economic engine. The 10th Amendment doesn't guarantee the right to secede, as they claim, but I'm still willing to look the other way.
And while Texas and others are packing their moving boxes, let's be sure we save a seat in the back of the moving van for Gingrich, Burr, Coleman and all the rest of the crybaby poor losers who don't believe in the rule of law anymore. That's my only concession - take the rest of the know-nothings with you and leave us here with our civil rights, plans to revitalize the economy and Google-proof slogans. Hell, I'll even chip in for gas money. It'd be completely worth it to get rid of the whining, hypocritical, sour grapes, sore losers and their constant obstructionist drivel. I believe you can make your checks out to:
Gov. Rick Perry, Office of the Governor, P.O. Box 12428, Austin, Texas 78711-2428.
Anybody else want to chip in?