Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Specter Defects - Calls for GOP Uprising! Republican Pity Party Continues...

So, The Hubby texts me today - which he never, ever does, especially if we're arguing, because he can't keep up with my crackberry keyboard with his lil' ol' cell phone keypad - so, I know somethin's up, right? I check my phone, read his text and I nearly fall over: "Specter now a Dem!!!" Damn! Didn't see that coming!

About a kajillion ideas go spinining through my head:

First, shock and awe: Whoa! Really??? Coooool! Specter + Franken = 60! WHOOOO!!!!

Then, puzzlement: Wait a minute...he's not gonna be agreeing with us on most of the biggies, like EFCA, troop funding, Dawn Johnson, the environment....hmmmm...

Next, mild disappointment: Damn! He's still Arlen Specter. That sucks.

Finally, amusement: Well, at least he's calling the GOP to the carpet! Calling for riots and revolt in the Republican Party! Well, that's kinda rockin'...okay, we'll settle for that...

I've decided the best part of all this Specter business is the GOP name-calling. Surprise, surprise: the Republican "Pity Party" continues! Instead of taking this as wake-up call, realizing that even the party loyalists are abandoning ship, instead of doing something about it and changing course, they call Specter names and say, "Well, you're not a real Republican anyway!" You can hear the thumb-sucking from here...Their party has been skewed so far right, (in Specter's own words, they've become "extremist"), that its platform is no longer accessible, understandable or pallatable to the average American. They should have seen that in the voter registration numbers this last election. They should have seen it in the mandate given our President by the voters. They should have at least seen it in the crossover of governors and other legislators to our party prior to this. Or maybe, just maybe, in the President's poll numbers and the consumer confidence level that continues to rise. But no, they continue to pander to their base, to grow more and more conservative and extremist as time goes by.

Reagan may have been the rebirth of the GOP. But are we now seeing its rapid demise as a party? Will they need to continue to co-opt the Libertarian Party to remain politically viable, as demonstrated in the recent astroturfed "teabagging" attempt? (Okay, knock it off...I know it's still funny, but I can hear you snickering all the way into my living room, and we're trying to have a serious discussion...Fine, go ahead, I know, it's still gonna be funny for a long, long time!) Seriously, though, could we be seeing the "fall" portion of "the rise and fall" of the GOP? Stranger things have happened, Kids...Whaddya think, Politicos? Is it possible, or just wishful thinking on this momma's part? Give us your best guess and let's set the house odds and see what happens! Or at least tell us what your first thought was about the news story of the day.