Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Marriage Rights And A New Madame Justice

It's late, and school is yet to wrap up, so I am dead-dog tired. But I had to comment on how disappointed I was by the confused decision here in California regarding equal marriage rights for all. On one hand, the California Court decided that Prop. 8 would stand. Ridiculous. But to add insult to injury, the marriages of those who acted during the small window of eligibility could remain legally married. Huh??? That makes no sense. "Okay, no more gay marriages, but you guys over there, the ones who acted before the boom fell? You can stay married, I guess..." I think this was a bone being thrown by the courts to the gay and lesbian community. The decision not to repeal Prop. 8 was surely based on the fact that, unlike the Supreme Court, the members of our high court are elected to office. There had been very vocal threats by the Christian Right of recall elections for those who voted to repeal. A true politicizing of a court decision. I am dismayed by the actions of our State's highest court today.

As for the nomnation today, many of us were right that President Obama would choose a woman and an Hispanic woman at that! (Way to go, Politicos! You know who you are...) Interesting choice: the left ain't happy and the right ain't either...I read up on a few of the more controversial cases (New Haven? firefighters and Gant case), and it seems Sotomayor may not have found her voice yet as a judge. My hope is that she can stand up to Scalia. I hope that her stand on choice will be made more apparent in the days to come. And I hope she does lean as liberal as Sen. Boxer stated tonight on Rachel's show. Time will tell, and in the meantime, I'm getting some shuteye - 17 more school days until summer vacation, Kids!