Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boycott Glenn Beck's Advertisers - Object to Foul Comments with CASH!

Annette, my blog-sistah, has been on a roll lately. I'm telling ya, the girl's been on fire! Her most recent post concerns the ridiculous accusations by uber-putz Glenn Beck of reverse-racism on the part of our nation's natural born President. If you haven't seen it, please take a look at her video clips of Beck's unadulterated b.s. and read the post as well. Annette She makes many valid arguments there that I do not need to repeat, as she states them with her usual aplomb.

I am a huge proponent of Annette's Beck boycott. So, in order to support her plan, I am adding the list of corporations to my site and adding their email links, so that you can let them know you're boycotting their products and why - I believe it's important for corporations to know how we feel about their support of blatant racism and all-around right wing nuttery.

So, read Just My Little Piece of The World, Annette's blog. And if you agree that a boycott is in order, feel free to pop back over here and let the following corporations know that you won't be buying their products thanks to Beck's accusations. For your convenience, O Wise Reader, it's as easy as clicking below:

General Motors

Campbell Soup

Chrysler (Be prepared to enter some phony car info here-they make it impossible to email without doing so...)

Proctor & Gamble (Fake UPC code needed here...can you believe how hard corporate America makes it to send an email??? I can see them sticking their fingers in their ears and singing even as we speak...)



You can e-mail customer service by clicking here.

You can email media relations by clicking here.

You can e-mail the (get this...) corporate responsibility department by clicking here.

You can e-mail investor relations department by clicking here.

Walmart (I boycott them for so many reasons already!)

Kraft Foods

(Be prepared to enter a fake UPC code here, too. Man, is this rigmarole getting friggin''s actually somebody's job to make it as frustrating as possible to reach them...what kind of jerk would take that job? Ah, a new career for Beck, perhaps?)

There you have it. Countless digital loops, detours, FAQ pages and other nonsense later, you're a click away from letting them all know you're fed up with the deliberate lies of the Right, and you're speaking out with your wallet. I am still marveling at the lengths to which corporate America goes to prevent us from communicating with them. Y'know, I get the sinking feeling that they might not want to hear from us. Imagine that. Go get 'em, fellow Politicos! And thanks for your efforts!