Saturday, September 5, 2009

Reagan, Bush & Lil' Bush Speak to America's Schoolchildren

So, the right-wing nutters think it's propaganda for the U.S. President to address schoolchildren? Wow. I had no idea that they saw their own GOP heroes as such socialists and commies pushing their own agendas. See for yourself:

Here's Reagan:

...And Papa Bush:

...And who could forget Lil' Bush's famous classroom visit:

The amount of ignorance sweeping across this nation is cause enough for the President, any President, to speak to schoolchildren about the value of education. With budgets slashed, and schools faced with solving more of society's ills than ever before, what better way to support our schools than to have the sitting President tell schoolchildren that education is to be valued? As we heard the reports of the right wing-nuttery on the radio on the way home, Little Man said, "Mom, I can't believe this. Don't people know that our country can't survive without people being educated? Of course the President should talk to us...we're the future!" And the boy is dead-on. One of the most steadfast tenets of our democracy is the concept of an educated populace. Educating children and teaching them how to be productive citizens is a sacred responsibility of American schools. It has been so since the very beginning. And if, as parents, one cannot teach one's children to respect the President of The United States, no matter what the President's party affiliation, then one has failed as a parent in a most egregious and shameful way.

In discussing this with my Little Politicos this morning, Tweenie said, "Don't these parents realize that they are teaching their children disrespect? Even in kindergarten, kids learn to be good sports and take turns, but their parents are such bad sports that they can't let the other party have their fair turn at the Presidency? The Democrats did win the election, after all. That's sooooo lame!" Yep, baby girl, you are absolutely right. And I hope you never have to encounter the kind of ignorance that feeds this mindset. But I have no doubt that the strong public education you are receiving will prepare you to counter it when you do.

And you can bet your ass my kids, The Hubby and I will be watching the President's Address. You can, too, and here's all the info you'll need to do it!

Enjoy the Presidential Address, my fellow Americans. Tell me what you think of all this right-wing propaganda, and don't forget to come on back and give your post-speech comments, too!