Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Must-Read Blogs And My Thanks to A Blog-Sistah

Recently I was awarded this auspicious award, the Honest Scrap award, by fellow blog-sistah and great political mind, Annette (more on Annette and her outstanding blog below). I am humbled and honored all the more as Annette and I often have some healthy debate on The President's strategies! This lil' experiment that began as an alternative to throwing things at the GOP on TV has truly come a long way, and I attribute its success to the many wonderful folks who stop by here on a regular basis and make this more a community effort than a solo act. Thanks to Annette, and to all of you, many of whom are mentioned below, for your contributions to this work-in-progress. I am always grateful for your presence and intelligent, passionate, and sometimes funny civil discourse here at Momma Politico.

So, the rules of the award are as follows:

Honest Weblog Award Rules:
1. You must brag about the award.
2. You must include the name of the blogger who bestowed the award on you and link back to that blogger.
3. You must choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
4. Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with the Honest Weblog Award.
5. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on with the instructions!

And here are my picks for Brilliant, Must-Read Blogs, in no particular order:

As I said above, Annette has had to talk me down on more than one occasion, and her blog is always a terrific read. I don't know how she finds the time, but her investigative journalism skills are amazing and she always links to her sources, so you can check things out for yourself. She is incredibly prolific, and every post is strong and well-written. This is one gal who knows her politics and can raise the level of civil discourse to an art. She's one of my go-to folks on political issues as they arise. And I'd even say all this if she hadn't given me an award! :) Check out Annette if you want to know what's happening outside the mainstream media! Way to go, Girl!

MG is a terrific read, one of my faves. Whether she's got a good rant on about politics or if she's describing sex after 40, everything she writes always rings true. Her writing is succinct and hits the issues head-on. She makes me laugh at myself and really brings the universal experiences we all go through as married couples, as parents and as members of the bigger body politic to light. Monkey Girl has a great following of smart, witty and just plain funny folks; the banter is lively and welcomes you into the conversation. A great place to stop by at the end of your own crazy day. Don't miss it - my kinda gal!

Jen writes from the heart about issues that affect all of us. Her honest take on the problems of the day are the real thing - there is no pretense here, nothing for show - her cogent arguments cut right to the truth of the matter. When I am sick of the punditry, tired of the media madness, Jen puts it all in perspective. She is a staunch defender of what is right, and has no hesitation about calling b.s. on the mainstream media and politicos who don't really care about the plight of the American working family. She is a breath of fresh air in this often cloudy blogosphere. She's someone that I always follow, no matter how busy life gets, and always has faith in the better nature of humanity. Give Jen a read. You'll be glad you did...I always am!

ConchExPat is one smart cookie, passionate about politics and, dare I say it, an even bigger Rachel Maddow fangirl than yours truly! Her knowledge of the issues is almost always backed with real-life experiences that illustrate the point at hand. But when things get too serious, she has a way of realy bringing the funny, and putting things back in perspective. A great defender and fighter for GLBT issues, well-spoken (written?) - feels like she's just planted herself on the couch and is yappin' with ya over a beer. CEPis a defender of what's right and always on target. Whether you are a liberal Dem, or a big fan of the Maddow, CEP is a great read.

5. Citizen K. - K.

A recent discovery for me, Citizen K. is a potpourri of politics, music, and a great feature called "First Lines," and has quickly become a consistent spot for my mouse to land. K. wrote a recent post about baseball that I actually enjoyed reading, which is saying something! One of the best things about K.'s work, besides his sharp and insightful political commentary, is you never know what links will show up. I've watched clips of my boys, The Pogues, and seen some cool buildings I would never had seen if it weren't for K. A veritable grab bag, I guarantee you will enjoy the read, learn something, find a new song or discover a fantastic first line that draws you in. Swing by, read, and enjoy the ride!

6. What Got Me Going Today - Sue

The best thing about Sue's blog is the fact that you don't know what will get her going today! :) Whether it's politics, religion, mommahood, or just something that made her laugh, she's always an enjoyable read. I often find myself following along the same momma path, as we each have a girl around Tweenie's age (first date approaching for both our girls...time going by too quickly!) Sue has a great sense of humor, and finds some real comedy gems, political and otherwise, that she shares with her readers. Her political commentary is left-leaning and sharp, a terrific read, and she links to some solid sources to illustrate the point at hand. You'll enjoy Sue at What Got Me Going Today, so stop by and give her a read.

7. The Frustrated Teacher - TFT

A fellow educator and left-leaning, like-minded soul, TFT really has the scoop on all things NCLB (AKA Every Child Left Behind, No Cent Left Behind, etc.), but writes biting political commentary as well. A fave feature of mine is the Tuesday Cartoon Fun - always guarantees a giggle. While the primary focus is on schools, teaching and all things educational, TFT makes for a read about such topics that is clear and concise for even the layman to understand, which is a real feat when it comes to writing about educational policy, let me tell you...the political columns are right on as well, and TFT pulls no punches. Check it out!

7.5 (cheating a sue me!)

The unofficial, yet sanctioned by Rachel herself, fan site is the compendium of all things Rachel. If our gal has done a guest appearance and mixed up a batch of cocktails with a late night host, they'll have it here first. If you want to see pics from Rachel's latest fishing trip, check their image library. Or, if you just want to find out when the NBC Store is putting out the long-awaited TRMS shirts and hoodies, this is the place to go. Amazing chronicle of Maddow's work in all formats, and worth a visit if you are even a passing fan of Rachel Maddow...and, frankly, who isn't??? ;)

As to ten honest things about myself, I will try to put forth some truths not previously known :

1. I have a current, valid motorcycle license. Sorry, no further details about my youthful misadventures on said motorcycle. Takin' the 5th, Kids..

2. My bullshit tolerance is getting lower every year, according to The Hubby. I hate to admit it, but he's right. Probably what led to this blog, for that matter!

3. I hate makeup and hair products. I am still a tomboy, and would love to have a job where I could go to work in jeans, t's and sneakers. And a baseball cap,of course. Ah, paradise!

4. I am getting so old that I have to wear reading glasses. And I am too vain to get bifocals yet...(hey, does that count as 2 facts???) Tried wearing the 2 different contacts, one for close and one for far, but I am so right-eye dominant that it made me nutty...finally had to resort to the reading glasses...

5. I love what I do, but would really love to write for a living. Any kind of writing, though political would be my top choice. Grants, ghostwriting (I write a mean speech if you ever need one!) or just plain fiction, I would give my eye-teeth to do it for a living. But since I have 2 kids and rather like having health insurance (such as it is...), it's off to work I go!

6. Other possible careers,would I have the chance to do it all again: politician (no surprise there, eh?), neurosurgeon, lawyer (ACLU-style, not corporate law), speechwriter, the list goes on!

7. I'm a big romantic. Sarcastic, cynical, yet a romantic about life...go figure...I'm a puzzle...

8. I love tradition. Family tradition, school tradition, holidays, patriotic traditions, you name it.
That's one of the things that grounds us and reminds us who we are. I'm a regular Tevya, except female, Catholic, and much more liberal. And no beard or prayer shawl. Okay, not so much like Tevya, but you get the idea...

9. Man, this is hard! The first five were a breeze, but coming up with the last few is tough! Hmmm...okay, how about loyalty? I put great stock in loyalty. I am loyal to a fault, and have no time for folks who can't return such loyalty. Fool me once, shame on you...and no chance to fool me twice. Sorry, folks. I won't give someone the chance to do it again. I'll just pull the card from the rolodex and move on.

10. I hate unhappy endings, refuse to see movies with sad endings, and think movies should come with a "D" rating when a main character you care about dies so that you're forewarned. Life throws enough grief our way, and I'm not doling out ten bucks to go home depressed, damn it!

Whew! But enough about me. Please give these folks above a read when you have a sec, as they are some of the best bloggers you'll find. I promise to get back to business over the weekend now that so many of the big events of the school year are past. There's a thing or two about Texas' history textbooks I think you ought to know...and I might have a few things to say about the current state of the healthcare fight.

Congrats and many thanks once again to the bloggers above for inspiring me, talking me down, making me laugh, and yes, even making sports palatable on occasion! :) Thanks, Annette, for the auspicious award - you are too kind! And way to go, my fellow Politicos!