Friday, October 9, 2009

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: The Honorable Alan Grayson

Somebody in Congress grew a pair, and that man is Alan Grayson. Finally! The voice of reason! Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present my new hero, Rep. Alan Grayson, (D, Florida), a populist and common man, here speaking earlier in the week on the new Rethuglican health plan:

That was amazing! Fantastic! Go get 'em, Grayson! I thought to myself, how can he possibly top that? And then, today, after the Rethugs told him to apologize (did they apologize for the whole "killing grandma" thing???), he spoke out again, even more brilliantly:

It is so incredibly amazing to hear someone who is in Congress for all the right reasons. He is the embodiment of Mr. Smith goes to Washington - wildly patriotic ties and what look like off-the rack suits, an ordinary guy actually willing to fight for what is just plain right. No fancy speeches, just a regular Joe willing to speak the truth. "Lead, follow, or get out of the way!" My kinda guy.

Maybe I am naive; maybe this is all about building his campaign coffers. Well, I'll tell ya what. If that's what will get campaign contributions happening, then there are a heck of a lot of folks responding to his populism, and he's a really smart cookie for doing it. Either way, he is saying what needs to be said right now and I am grateful nonetheless for his candor and his chutzpah, so he's got my donation either way. And maybe I am wrong, but this guy seems like the genuine article. I believe he's the real McCoy. If you think so, too, then please let the Honorable Alan Grayson know we appreciate his bold, brave actions on our behalf, that we want to encourage him to continue speaking out: contribute to his reelection campaign.

Coming soon, my take on our President, the Nobel Peace Prize Recipient...for now, give me your take on my new hero, Representative and All-Around Good Guy, Alan Grayson. Come on, Politicos, whaddya think of Grayson? Is he the real deal, or am I just a pollyanna?