Friday, November 20, 2009

Wow! With Your Help, I Could Meet Rachel Maddow!

Hey, all my fellow Politicos! Yes, the time has come: I would like to ask for your vote! I am actively lobbying you, my friends, to help me win a spot on the Air America Cruise as a blogger (and, admittedly, as a huge Rachel fangirl)!
Would you be so kind as to vote for me here?

You may need my email address, which is:

Why vote for me, my friends? Many reasons, but here are just a few:
  1. You like an underdog. You and I know that the big-name bloggers will probably win, but don'tcha love a scrappy underdog who's willing to fight hard? Vote mommapolitico!
  2. You will get copies of all my pictures - right here, and just for you!
  3. I'll ask the questions you want to hear - every chance I get, I promise to ask the burning questions you're dying to ask Rachel and the AAR gang. (Within reason, mind you. If you wouldn't ask your mom, I'm not gonna ask Rachel!)
  4. I asked my kids why you should vote for me. Little Man says, "Because Mom is awesome!" and Tweenie simply states, "She really really really wants to go!" 'Nuff said.
  5. You will personally know someone who has met Rachel! That's only one degree of separation! Where else ya gonna find that kind of a brush with greatness??? ;)
  6. You'll be showing your support for blogmommas everywhere by sending one of our own, yours truly!
  7. You'll be doing a public service by sending a teacher that could never afford to go on her public school salary. Doing good feels good, right?
My great friends, you have always been the secret to mommapolitico's success, and I am grateful for that. Whether you vote for me or not, thanks for humoring me by reading my bid at a chance to meet my TV idol. And if you so choose, you can copy the info below and post it to your site, tweet it, or email friends. Anything you can do to get the word out would be appreciated. You'll have my undying thanks and continued support by casting a vote for mommapolitico. And I promise to send you a postcard! :)

Copy and tweet, post and email to your heart's content, to anyone you know who'd be willing to help out. After all, you're the best endorsement I could ever have! Thanks for your help, friends!

Help @mommapolitico win an Air America Cruise @airamericamedia! Vote here: #aamcruise

Thanks, Kids, and as the old saying goes, "Vote early and often!" Seriously, though I know the odds aren't in my favor, I appreciate anything you can do to help - many thanks!