Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Christmas Gift to You: Health Care Reform in A Nutshell

Merry Christmas to all my fellow politicos and a very Happy New Year. School's out and we've gotta do our holiday baking for the neighbors...we are a little behind this year! For years, we've been baking Christmas Cookies for our neighbors, delivering them on Christmas Eve, just 'cause it the neighborly thing to do and a tradition I grew up doing with my mom. Everyone's always very appreciative, but there's been no reciprocation - I explained to the Little Politicos that the point is to celebrate the spirit of the season, not to receive in return. So this year, we push cookies to the back burner due to crazy holiday nuttiness, and what happens? Neighbors appear at the door with presents, Christmas treats and other festive gifts...and we were left to explain that the cookies will be coming soon! Go figure...after six years, I guess the tradition has taken hold! A lovely little Christmas miracle.

But I have something for you, my dear and loyal Politicos! Here's a detailed outline of what's in each of the bills, both House and Senate, for your perusal. Next week I will put in my two cents, and hopefully, you can join in and give me your thoughts. I am hopeful for what improvements can be made in committee, but I doubt we'll be seeing significant change. Time will tell...

Coming soon is something I am excited about: the first guest post here at Momma Politico. Joining me here at MP is my dear blogpal and fellow politico, ConchExPat, of She Started It! fame. She has a strong voice, and a distinct political perspective. CEP is one of my favorite reads, and am sure you'll enjoy her writing, too. In the meantime, Merry Christmas, Happiest of Holidays and a wonderful, stress-free New Year to your family from ours. Relax and enjoy!