Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yes, My True Identity Revealed! Plus The Latest Weiner News

 Congressman Weiner (D_NY) Continues to Fight for Middle Class Americans - courtesy Getty Images
First and foremost, I just have to say that I love this guy. God, I love this guy! Congressman AnthonyWeiner, Democrat from the great state of New York. Every time you hear about him, he's fighting the good fight. He will not be berated, he will throw the truth in the face of the GOP, he will stand up on the floor of the House and plainly state the fallacy of their argument and throw their hypocrisy back at 'em:

YES! YES! That's what it looks like to stand up to the Grand Obstructionist Party. Thank you, Congressman, for standing against the unconscionable votes against health coverage for 9/11 first responders. Thank you for pointing out that yelling and trying to intimidate the person who has the floor will not work. Thanks for calling the Rethugs on their cowardly stance behind procedure, not substance. And you have my eternal gratitude for pointing out that the GOP demands compromise, and for what? No votes on any crucial issue, from health care to Wall Street reform and all the rest.

I've been a fan of Anthony Weiner for some time, as you probably know. But every time I see him stand up for the middle class, every time I hear him fight for those of us who have no political action groups of our own, every single instance of him calling the Rethugs out for the playground bullies they are, I just want to cheer and send this guy a check! Thank goodness we still have the Weiners, the Graysons and the Frankens to fight the good fight on our behalf.

Secondly, in other news, the blog is two and a half years old now. When I began, I intended this to be a mommyblog, with stories about my kids and the crazy antics of the Politico household. And so, in order to avoid embarrassing my kids with stories of their cuteness, I wrote under a pseudonym: Perry MacNeil. Very quickly, my blog had a life of its own, and it leaned heavily toward the political, an unexpected occurrence! I was also concerned about offending colleagues with my, well, shall we say, outspoken comments and left-leaning the pseudonym served its purpose well.

I never expected Momma Politico to last this long, with smart and savvy folks commenting, regular readers subscribing, 1,100+ followers on twitter and more hits per month from more places worldwide than I could ever fathom. But here we are, nearly three years in, and while many things have changed, others stayed the same. Take the kids, for example. Tweenie is no longer a tween, but a gorgeous, smart, full-fledged high school girl whose beauty has completely changed my stance on gun control.  And Little Man is still my handsome and brilliant little man, but has almost passed me up as he enters middle school, discussing the corruption in our justice system as we drive around town. The Hubby remains my rock, the place in this world I find calm from the storm, going on 25 years this September. And I am thrilled to have found myself a group of folks like you who appreciate my take on this crazy world in which we live.

I am extremely grateful for the time you and my other fellow Politicos have willingly spent following my blog and posting comments, guest posting and cross-listing, spreading the word and just showing support. And for keeping my true identity a secret all this time, thanks to all those friends I let in on the secret! Many thanks for that. :)

So today, as I post my first mainstream article on, I am revealing my true identity. The rules at don't allow you to post under a pseudonym. It's a pretty mainstream media source, and since I am getting paid, they needed my real name to appear on the blog. Since the whole point of writing for is to drive more traffic to Momma Politico, I figured it's about time for me to come clean: I'm Heidi Haines, working mom, wife, elementary school principal and teacher.

If you're a long-time reader, the person you've come to know as Perry really does reflect my views and beliefs. Only the names have changed to protect my kids' level of embarrassment. Everything I've written reflects my own views on mommahood and politics. I've tried to avoid local educational topics to prevent a conflict of interest, and will continue to do so. Even after the big reveal, everything will stay the same, and I am hopeful that colleagues and friends who lean toward the opposite end of the politcal spectrum won't take offense at my direct approach. As always, lively and civil debate rules the day here at Momma Politico. Call me Heidi, call me Perry, call me MP...just don't call me late for The Rachel Maddow Show.

Enjoy your weekend. Enjoy your family and the friends who support you. I hope to continue to receive your support here, and maybe even at, where I am, check out this title...the Santa Barbara Political Buzz Examiner. (Yeah, I laughed, too!!!) I get paid by the number of clicks, comments and how many people subscribe, so if you are so inclined to do any or all of the above, I'd be extremely grateful. Gotta get the Little Politicos to college somehow, right? ;) I welcome your comments below, either about my hero, Rep. Weiner, or my secret identity (or lack thereof) - looking forward to hearing from you, my fellow Politicos!