Saturday, October 2, 2010

Playing Offense: Dems Don't Have to Bend Over to Win The Midterms This November

There's a little plaque in Tweenie's bedroom, given to me by a dear friend when she was still a tiny girl. It quotes an old Chinese proverb:
Daughter, don't grow a wishbone where your backbone ought to be.
I know, I know, I've been saying it for awhile, and by now, my fellow Politicos, you're all probably getting tired of hearing it. But, Damn it, these are tough times that require our Democratic candidates do just that: grow a backbone instead of a wishbone. Our Gal Rachel, earlier this week, hit a home run, discussing how some Dems are doing just that, and ignoring conventional wisdom. This year, national is the new local. The old Tip O'Neil adage of "Politics is local." (A side note: His daughter, by the way, is a terrific author by the name of Alexis O'Neil - great lady, does writing workshops and school assemblies. Wonderful writer and just a genuinely nice person to my kids at book signings, great to my schoolkids. But I digress...) In any case, listen to Rachel as she shows some kick-ass political ads that use Democratic national accomplishments to run on local races:

Every one of our candidates and incumbents should be touting the extremism on their opponents to the right. Because y'know what? Most people are not wingnuts, or crackpots, or extremists. Most people really don't believe in privatizing Social Security, especially after seeing their 401k's empty into the pockets of corporate America. Most people would not want a child who has been the victim of incest to have to carry her father's child to term. Most people are reasonable, moderate, and kind. They want their government to do good things, the things that government is best at doing, the big things we cannot do ourselves. And we cannot afford the right wing nutjobs getting into a place of power. Show people what the kooks really stand for, and watch those same idiots back-pedal away from their positions faster than a flea jumps off a hot griddle. In the same series, Rachel highlights that point exactly, highlighting some must-see ads that point out the loons. Watch them run away from their strong stands against us Socialists:

These should be required viewing for every Democratic campaign running this year! I've said it before and I'll say it again: stand tall on the party planks, stick with the platform, and it's a win. Stand up for what Democrats believe, and people will respond.

And as for these DINOs (Democrats In Name Only), who choose to vote with the GOP and campaign on their record for voting with Rethugs? They need a swift kick in the pants. They need some LBJ-style arm-twisting, and I can only hope the new Chief-of-Staff will make it happen. I am shedding no tears over Rahm Emmanuel's departure...his mind's been on snagging the Mayorship of Chicago for quite some time now, and he is obviously not on his game. So, welcome, Peter Rouse: start kickin' ass and takin' names, my friend.

Also this week, the lack of a backbone has crippled the Dems, and they have backed off a vote on extending the Bush tax cuts...until after November. Yes, after November!!! Yeah, don't anybody get the big idea to let the GOP filibuster for tax cuts for the richest of the rich, because God forbid, that might put the GOP in a bad light during an election season...and we certainly wouldn't want that. Gads, could somebody puh-leeze shake some sense into these folks??? There's no reason in the world not to force a vote on this issue, no reason not to keep bringing it up until people see what the Rethugs really want: more for the rich, more for corporations, and the eventual elimination of the middle class. But, God, what if they thought we weren't bipartisan? GAH!

In other news, while children can no longer be denied health coverage for preexisting conditions (asthma, childhood cancers, etc.), several major insurance corporations have stopped providing insurance to children altogether. Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna and others simply will not sell policies for children. This will force parents to pay more for having children - essentially, simply being a child has become a pre-existing condition! This is such typical Corporate profit-mongering and makes me sick. It makes me wonder how these idiots can sleep at night. This is what the GOP has wrought, what so many
Democratic compromises has caused to happen. Again, backbone, people: sadly, this is no surprise to anyone.

I don't even feel compelled to comment on the new/old GOP "Pledge." Even the GOP are critical of it. Let me allow The Daily Show to make the most poignant point anyone has regarding this "everything old is new again" propaganda effort:
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Yep, it's the same old, same old. But maybe, just maybe, if this recent spate of backbone spreads among the Democratic candidates running this midterm, if our defense becomes offense at last, we could still be sitting pretty. (And yes, deep down, I'm still the eternal optimist. That's why I'm a Democrat, after all.)

Waiting for your take, my fellow Politicos. Put your two cents in here at Momma Politico.