Monday, April 12, 2010

Secret Agents, Nuclear Rods & Consensus: How The President Made The World Safer in One (Not So) Easy Step!

Okay, People, this is total spooky, creepy, one wrong move and mushroom cloud and secret agents and cover of darkness stuff! I could describe this Top Secret, rescuing nuclear material during the world's biggest earthquake and it all nearly gets dropped and explodes deal, but I'll let Rachel do that, because you're not going to believe this! 

I know! Right??? This is so completely Harrison Ford and Sean Connery (no new Bond could handle this one) and  you think it's gonna go wrong and blow up the world a buncha times and it all comes out o.k. in the end - I can't believe it's not already a Box Office Smash (no pun intended)!

Ahem, allow me to regain my objective journalistic composure, if you will. That's better. So sorry for my overexcitement, but, hey, you don't see that kind of story every day, my friends. And on today, this day of days, when truly, for the first time in this administration, the U.S. shows its global leadership by convening the Nuclear Security Summit, bringing consensus among 47 nations. "Unprecedented" is the word being used in all the headlines: President Obama obtaining agreement among most of the nations of the world that global terrorism and loose nukes are everyone's problem, and that we will band together to solve it. The United States will lead the way. Lead. With a coalition that is actually willing this time. Fantastic, yes, and what we expect of our country in the world community.

Now, that is a huge accomplishment, and letting the story out today of that amazing feat of secret agent nuclear fuel removal in the middle of the night? That is some pretty amazing public relations. Master politics, gotta say. Spin? Yeah, maybe. Politically brilliant? Absolutely. A seamless segue way and a story that cannot help but illustrate the vital need, the crucial importance of this summit today, of getting loose nukes under control and aiding countries that do not have the ways and means to secure this dangerous threat.

Health care reform was a great step in the right direction. But this is big, this is global, and local, too. Extremely local. These are the things that mothers wake up at two in the morning wondering about, worrying over. And while there's probably still a million reasons to worry, I'll be able to kiss my kids goodnight and I will sleep better knowing President Obama has taken great strides to make the world safer, for his children and mine. And Americans can feel pretty damn good about their country, and their President again.

Leadership. Diplomacy. Statesmanship. I am proud of what our President accomplished today, and it's been a long time since I've been this proud of what our country, and our President, can do.