Thursday, June 10, 2010

5 More School Days...Then I Blog! Some Tidbits 'Till Then...

Well, most of my regular Politicos know that the end of the school year is the busiest time of the year for me, but I still apologize for the lack of posts on the spill, CA elections and other crazy political sh-tuff hitting the fan. It's killing me, not being able to sit down and pound out a post, but five more school days and life will be simpler. Hooray for summer! Until then, here are some tasty tidbits that I hope will whet your political appetite:

  • Best Place on The Intertubes for Oilspill Info: my blogsistah, Enigma, over at Watergate Summer. She's done an amazing job of becoming the clearinghouse for all the must-know info about this horrible man-made tragedy. 
  • Our Gal Rachel Discusses Spills, Election Thrills and CA Primary Buzzkills: Sorry, Kids, "embed" isn't working, so you'll have to roll old school and click the link - 2nd or 3rd story down. The whole Open Primary thing has me pretty damn irked. More GOP plans to monopolize the General Elections! GAH!
  • And, via TRMS, the Upright Citizens Brigade covers the bp environmental disaster, keeping us from losing it entirely:

    Hoping to post over the weekend, my fellow Politicos. And in a matter of two weeks, I will be tweeting and posting up a storm! Are you ready for the summer? At Momma Politico, we can't wait!