Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me": Why The Left Needs To Pay Attention & Quit Taking The Bait

This week, a woman who has fought her entire life for civil rights for all was made the sacrificial lamb of Fox News. And the U.S. Department of Agriculture bought right into it. Hook, line and sinker, folks. I refuse to post any of their deliberately-edited clips here - I just won't put that out in the blogosphere any more than it has already been circulated. Hit twitter or youtube if you want a glimpse. I'll also keep this short (okay, short by my standards!) because so much has already been said on this subject. But I couldn't ignore this issue, fellow Politicos, and had to vent about the many wrongs that have been perpetrated in this mess.

It was the work of a man named Andrew Breitbart, who is famous for cooking up right-wing conspiracies (e.g. the creative editing used to falsely damn the ACORN organization). This is his craft, truly his bailiwick, cutting and snipping the context out of video to make circumstances look suspect. Defaming legitimate organizations and innocent people - it's what he does. It's the kind of stuff that, if you or I perpetrated such frauds, we wouldn't sleep at night. But I am certain Breitbart's being paid well enough to quell any semblance of a conscience he might have once had.

Breitbart's a sleazebag. Period. That's common knowledge. Which is why it's such a big deal that the NAACP and someone from the Agriculture Department took the bait, simply accepting the demands of Fox that Mrs. Sherrod must resign. The NAACP asked Mrs. Sherrod no questions before leaping to judgment, and neither did the USDA. No phone call, no inquiry,no questions were asked, no opportunity was given for Mrs. Sherrod to explain the situation or tell her side of the story. This is the shame here: the inexcusable rush to judgment to control the story and give it the partisan spin to benefit the right or the left. That's what's so wrong with this story. The NAACP and the Obama Administration should know better by now than to actually listen to Fox, Breitbart and the like. The following day, Fox already put a new spin on it all, asking why the Administration were so quick to jump to conclusions - no surprise here. The surprise is that the left would jump to do the bidding of the GOP, via Fox. This is not the first time, but I hope and pray that this big dose of stupid will be the last.

This is Breitbart's 15 minutes of fame, and I pray he gets branded for the asshole propagandist that he is. This sort of stunt is certainly not atypical for Fox "News," as Rachel Maddow pointed out so well this week.

This is a pattern of behavior, an orchestrated effort by the media arm of the Rethuglican Party, and anyone who doesn't see this as Fox/GOP strategy isn't paying attention. Fox will continue to demonize anyone they can edit into "questionable" statements. I just hope that political spin gets put aside the next time in favor of fact-finding and protecting the innocent parties involved.

It's also time for the Administration to fight back. Fight back against all the right wing lies that are detracting from the numerous accomplishments that have been achieved in such a short time. No political capital will be gained while the RWNJs are allowed to chip away at your legacy, Mr. President. I'm not asking for The President to sully his hands with the likes of this, but there are plenty of folks who should come out fighting, for the good of the party and the nation. This is the time that the DNC, the DSCC and the DCCC need to start speaking out, the time for Tim Kaine to put up his dukes on behalf of the Administration. They simply must be more visible and must actively fight for what we've achieved thus far. If we do not refute the lies of the GOP, they will surely be repeated until they become truths in the minds of many of the electorate. It's time to fight the good fight.

That's it - few links, one video, mostly indignation. More of my usual multimedia fare soon, with a liberal dose of indignation always (pun intended).

Waiting to hear from you, fellow Politicos. Jump into the fray and post below!