Saturday, March 5, 2011

Unions Unite! Why The Dems in D.C. Should Pay Attention to Their Base.

WI workers support teachers in battle for worker's rights. From Blogging Blue
First Up: "Thanks, Scott! How thoughtful of you! And it's not even Christmas!" 
Walker's gift to The Democratic Party

You all know I've been drawn in by the Wisconsin protests over Governor Walker's move to strip collective bargaining rights from the teachers' union. It's been a compelling story, with plenty of excitement. I'm spending a ton of time over at Blogging Blue, a fellow P2Blogs family member, who took the amazing picture above and many more, and have their finger on the pulse - they're local folks I've followed for some time now - you should, too! I've watched live feeds of the Capitol Building, fascinated and heartened by seeing my colleagues joined by their brothers and sisters from other unions. I've been proud as a new Momma watching the working folks of this nation come together and the State Senators, The Wisconsin 14, standing up and fighting for their constituents like all public servants should. God bless 'em all. The story that caught my eye as another Rethuglican move to union-bust has become a powerhouse in uniting not just unions across this nation, but working folks and Dems, Senators and street sweepers, in a common cause. Everyone is fighting for the core values of regular Americans. And I just pray that the D.C. Dems get the message, too, and snap to it: Americans overwhelmingly state they are for the little guy, not the corporation. Take a look at this clip from Our Gal Maddow:

Amazing numbers! As we know, the GOP has progressively (no pun intended...) moved the country further and further to the right. But if you talk to Americans, whether Dem or Repub, they are all for many of the same things. And those things, as Maddow so beautifully pointed out, are overwhelmingly supported by the vast majority of Americans. That's why we are seeing the huge culture war issues arise out of the GOP ashes: it's all they have left to bring folks along and get them to vote against their own best interest. "Tax breaks for oil companies? Stripping workers of their rights? I'm not for any of that, but I am against abortion (or gay marriage, or insert your own wedge issue here), so I guess I'm a Republican." That's why no jobs bill and why so many anti-abortion bills. It's all they've got left.

Well, Kids, my next post will be all about my thank you note to Gov. Scott Walker for his efforts to reunite and energize the base of the Democratic Party in a way I have never seen before. It's obvious he's been promised something good in exchange for jumping on the grenade. My guess? A V.P. slot, that is, if the Rethugs ever find a candidate to run for President...But the GOP has hoised itself on its own pitard on this one. Too bad they didn't ask me. I'd have told them that he chose the wrong group to pick on...teachers hate bullies, we are great at collaborating with our colleagues, good at keeping order on the playground, are used to making announcements, play well with others, and we make genuinely kick-ass posters and signs. What are the teachers doing in the Capital? Using their classroom quiet signals to bring order before someone speaks. Thanking the cops for being there. And singing. Yes, singing. What do teachers sing at rallies, my friends? Patriotic songs. With live accompaniment. And they know all the words. For every verse. Friends that have come over to play are all good at getting along, too. God Bless the WI Police for keeping the Capital open. They have been supportive, as have the firefighters and every other union out there who came over for our colossal playdate. Yeah, Scott, you picked the wrong kid to pick on at recess. And the kid has friends...

God bless the Wisconsin 14, the workers of Wisconsin and the teachers who made it all happen! Their resolve and perseverance are amazing lessons for their students, lessons that could never be taught in the classroom.