Saturday, May 28, 2011

Floods, The Rapture, & Guns. Oh Yeah, & Maddow on Infrastructure

Well, my fellow Politicos, it's that time of year, when teachers and schools have their crunch-time, and we're trying hard to wrap up the year. I've been neglecting my postings, and even missed a #FridayFollow on twitter (*gasp!*). So I thought I'd do something quick and simple: a smattering of my favorite images as of late. So here's a quick glimpse into what's been passing through my overloaded brain for the last couple of weeks, and a promise to be back at it as soon as school's out. Enjoy the following links and images. (These images are from all over the internet, many from, so if you happen to know a source to whom I can credit one, send me a link and I will do so!)

Flooding Cajun Country to Protect The Rest

I was awestruck by this image in particular. I get the whole "the good of one vs. the good of the many" idea, but, really, where is the fairness for folks like this? And they were the lucky ones who had the resources to protect their land. Wow. Gives a whole new meaning to the expression, "No man is an island"...

Child Labor is A-OK by GOP! 
 This whole concept blew me away. Between lowering the minimum wage for children, and claiming that the ban on child labor is unconstitutional, the Rethugs are now going after children. And it's not just happening in one isolated place. Check out these stories about Missouri, Utah and Maine. Yeah, you know us lily-livered liberals, always trying to give those pesky little kids a break when they could be slaving away for corporate profits. Go figure.

How 'Bout That Rapture, Huh?

These sorts of stories never cease to amaze me. Not the stories of good Christians being yanked right out of their socks and into Heaven on the rapture day, but the fact that so many people actually believe the crackpot preachers that claim it'll happen. Whether they are all charlatans, or just folks who  get so wrapped up in their own little Bible conspiracy theories, why folks would believe this tripe and even donate to the cause is beyond me. First of all, if, in the Christian faith, when we die, our spirits go to Heaven, then why would God take the believers body and all in this instance, leaving a string of empty clothes behind for the non-believers to clean up? Hey, maybe it's our penance to clean it all up. And why donate more moolah to some old guy who claims to know the exact date of the end of the world...when's he gonna spend it? Everyone's favorite religious rapture loony, Harold Camping, had stockpiled between $38 and 65 million dollars that he squirreled away, uh, cause you can take it with you??? Let's just pray he's arrested for fraud, 'cause he says he 'aint giving any of it back!

National Debt Was Run Up by Whom?

Hey, a pictures worth a thousand words. And in this case, a lot more in dollars and sense. We've killed Bin Laden, and yet, my school will be making care packages for yet another battalion of Seabees to leave their families and head to Afghanistan. And when they get back in a year, our previous battalion we supported will have to go back and relieve the current one. Want to cut the national debt, Rethugs? How about we bring home our troops and tax the rich. Seems pretty simple to me, and this graph brought it home in a clear and understandable way.

It's All Enough to Drive A Girl to Drink...

Just enjoyed this variation on a theme. Very Jack Sparrow, I believe....

Nerd Prom 2011: White House Correspondents Dinner

Don't know if you caught The President's speech at "Nerd Prom," AKA The White House Correspondents Dinner, but he killed! Seriously, his jabs at Donald Trump were a friggin' scream, and Trump's reaction? Well, just priceless. If you have a spare fifteen minutes, are a bit of a wonk, and in need of a good laugh, watch this. Why is it called Nerd Prom? It's a chance for the nerdy, wonky pundit world, for those of us who actually paid attention in American History and English and were on the yearbook and newspaper, to actually hob-knob with the glitterati (jocks and cheerleaders) on our own turf for one fabulous night a year. Thus, you get crazy, not part of the natural world-type match-ups like Rachel Maddow tending bar and chatting with Palin (a conversation for which I'd love to have been a fly on the wall...) and countless odd encounters never seen in any other time or space. A pundit's dream. And, yes, I actually had it entered on my Blackberry's calendar. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

Infrastructure, Infrastructure, Infrastructure: The New MSNBC TRMS Ads

I absolutely love the new The Rachel Maddow Show Lean Forward ads by Spike Lee. The first round were great, but the new ones focused on infrastructure and Rachel using salt shakers to describe Pakistan's relationship (or lack thereof) with India are brilliant. One of the reasons I love TRMS is because of just that: Rachel is wicked smart, but has the gift of being able to explain world events to her viewers as easily as if we were sitting across the table from her at our favorite greasy spoon:

And her love of American ingenuity, that strong belief that America can still do great things is illustrated in this one:

Besides all this, Maddow is my favorite pundit because she is living proof that I'm not the only liberal who loves to shoot guns...
See? It 'aint just me. And by the way, friend, if you happen to be the one who signed me up for my membership in the Liberal Gun Club as a prank, I just want to thank you - who knew??? Funny, and a practical gift, too! Going shooting this Sunday, matter of fact...

More of my rants soon, my fellow Politicos. And I have a feeling I'll be making up for lost time! Leave your latest thoughts below and join the conversation!